As stipulated in the Joint Memorandum Circular No. 2017-IA dated May 18, 2017,
amending the guidelines on the grant of free tuition in State Universities and Colleges for Fiscal
Year 2017, all undergraduate students enrolled in AY 2017-2018 shall submit the following

a. School ID (photocopy, to be authenticated by the College Dean, Associate or College
b. Completed Registration Forms
c. 4P’s Identification Card of the household grantee, if applicable;
d. Documentation(s) for proof of income (ITR/Certification of Tax Exemption)

The documents will be submitted to their respective colleges, which in tum will tum-over
all documents to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for ranking/prioritization purposes.
Further, as agreed in the meeting on May 23, 2017,the following scheduled dates will be

  •             May 29-31, 2017 – Submission of students’ documents required for the Free Tuition grant to their respective colleges
  •             June 1-4, 2017 – OSA will render Ranking and Prioritization of Potential Grantees
  •             June 5-9, 2017 – Enrollment Period (Free Tuition Qualifiers)
  •             June 13, 2017 – Start of Classes

The enrollment of the Senior High, Integrated Laboratory School and Graduate School
will follow the schedule prescribed in the Academic Calendar.

For widest dissemination and compliance.

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