The Management Information System (MIS) in cooperation with the University Planning and Development Office (UPDO) held a seminar and workshop on January 24, 2017 at the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE). The seminar, which was aimed to present the proposed Integrated University Information System (IUIS) upgrade by Pinnacle Technologies Incorporated had college representatives, administrative staff, university offices, and the Registrar office attending the said event.


“We are here mainly because we want to further improve our services to our students.  We want a program which is fast, efficient, effective, and can address problems encountered by our students and staff”, explains UPDO Director Dr. Wilhelm Cerbo. Furthermore, he added that there is already a prepared budget of 6.1 million for the said upgrade, however the university wants to ensure that the program has undergone profound consultation and process flow before anything will commence. He also encourages the audience to question or share their experiences with regards to whether the present IUIS was beneficial to them or not. After all. According to him, it is still WVSU’s discretion whether to accept Pinnacle’s new program or not. “As the years pass our needs as an institution also arise. We want our software programs to be updated so we can better serve our stakeholders”.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO) James Paningbatan of Pinnacle Technologies Inc. shares how his company fully adheres to the highest standards of service. “We are multi-dimensional. Our expertise addresses InfoTech concerns in business process analysis, application development, e-business solutions, outsourcing, training, installation and configuration of IT solutions. Our greatest resource however is our professional staff who are empowered to attain the highest potential through teamwork, constant learning, creation, innovation, and development of new technologies”. According to him, the Academic Institutions Management System (AIMS) which is full-featured, user friendly, cost effective, and web-enabled enrollment management system developed for academic institutions is a testament to their capabilities.

What followed is the presentation of Pinnacle’s latest software feature that would manage all aspects of the enrollment process from student applications, applicant approval, subject offering, registration and payment, faculty grading, as well as student graduation and exit procedures. The upgraded IUIS version according to them would turn burdensome enrollment procedures into a quick, error-free, and hassle-free process for both student and staff.

MIS Director Mr. Louie Cervantes facilitated an IUIS process flow workshop that would encourage everybody’s input and could possibly highlight both positive and negative points which IUIS had undergone since it was provided a 2.5M budget in 2009. “Today is your opportunity to scrutinize the present IUIS. We all want our servicing system to improve, something which is more capable of providing better service to everyone”.

Attendees were each given a form they had to fill out which state their feedback on the present IUIS. Highlights were missing features, errors that occurred, as well as suggested improvements which the MIS promised to attend to.