Vice President for Administration and Finance (VPAF) Dr. Bobby D. Gerardo brought pride and accolade to West Visayas State University when he was recognized for his exemplary Higher Education Innovation and Transformation (HIT) Plan presented to the panel of esteemed academicians composed of Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) Dr. Libertad P. Garcia), Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) Vice President Imelda C. Caluen, Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges’ (PASUC) Dr. Cecilia N. Gascon and faculty expert Dr. Marita R. Canapi. The awarding took place at the Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas, Manila on January 19, 2017.

Dr. Gerardo was among the 200+ candidates nationwide who was sent for comprehensive training on Philippine Higher Education Career System (PHIL-HECS) initiated by the CHED, DAP and PASUC career program for Senior Executives. According to DAP Senior Vice President Magdalena Mendoza the next leg of assessment will be finished in two months, wherein the final assessment will be based on the candidate’s performance on the EDP modules that comprise 30% of the over-all criteria, University Dynamics Laboratory (UDL) that includes shadowing with University Executives and immersion with the community (30%), and Higher Education Innovation and Transformation (HIT) Plan (40%).

After undergoing an extensive screening composed of 3 interviews and 3 examinations, Gerardo was chosen among the 39 candidates who went through a rigid training from August 2016 to January 2017. “Once the final screening is done, let us hope for a positive outcome, that being conferred the HECO eligibility - an entitlement similar to Career Executive Service Officer (CESO)”, smiled Gerardo, “I am very happy not only because I was able to complete the program and garner an award, but I was likewise able to have WVSU recognized nationally”.

No automatic alt text available.His paper entitled: ICT- Enriched Education and Enhancement Information System in the Delivery of Electronic Based Instruction impressed the panel in a colloquium held last January 16-19, 2017 and received a DISTINCTION AWARD as the most promising HIT Plan. “The main goal of this proposal is to modernize selected program offerings at WVSU, which will be based on ICT-enhanced educational system, as well as the improvement of ICT facilities which could cater to online-based delivery of instruction”, shares Dr. Gerardo. 

According to him, the HIT Plan is focused on enhancement of courses based on ICT and its strengthened mode of delivery through online portals that is anchored on five innovation objectives namely: (1) formulate and enhance the existing courses using blended mode or pure online mode for instructional delivery; (2) develop and customize an e-learning system and establish repository portals for e-books and online journals; (3) engage faculty for ICT-competency training; (4) design an enhanced information system utilizing state-of-the-art computer system for online course access and fast Internet connectivity; and (5) establish a scheme to increase opportunities in generating income from tuition based on possible growth in the number of local and international clients that would subscribe to the electronic-based curricular programs.

“I consider the HIT Plan to be an important requirement for the completion of the said program. This program aspires to professionalize the election of SUC presidents and executives, which will then initialize the formation of a group of higher education executives eligible to be addressed as Higher Education Career Officers (HECOs)”. Gerardo’s HIT plan was the result of intense monitoring and coaching of specialists from CHED and DAP.

Furthermore, Dr. Gerardo was one of the nine candidates who received a certificate of distinction at their Culmination Ceremony at the said venue. The other recipients were Dr. Renante Egcas of Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology, Dr. Felisa Gomba of Samar State University, Dr. Feliece Yeban of Philippine Normal University, Dr. Marita Magat of Partido State University, Dr. Medardo Bombita of University of Rizal System, Dr. Andrew Eusebio Tan of Carlos Hilado Memorial State College, Dr. Ruel Mojica of Cavite State University and Dr.  Ian Roger M. Francisco of Cagayan State University. All received a certificate of distinction from CHED Commissioner Alex Brillantes, Napoleon Imperial of CHED, DAP President Antonio Kalaw and Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) President Ricardo Rotoras.

WVSU President Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr. was present during Dr. Gerardo’s his final defense to extend his support and commendations. Previously, he was a recipient of the 2010 CHED REPUBLICA Award for his outstanding and enumerable research publications and 6 international excellent paper awards, which were recognized not only in the country but also globally.