The College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT) held the “CICT Meetup 2017: ICT Academia-Industry Collaboration” on March 9, 2017 at the WVSU Cultural Center. This event brought the CICT students and Iloilo City’s IT industries together for an afternoon of positive collaboration, partnership, and information. 


CICT Dean Dr. Joel T. De Castro expressed how this event can further strengthen the relationship between the academe and the booming IT industries. “There is a big gap between school and the BPO/IT companies because IT schools and training couldn’t keep up with the rapid advancement of technology.  It is continually evolving, and it is always a challenge for schools with IT programs to level with the industry that is presently uplifting Iloilo City”.


Dr. De Castro further explains that for a program to be implemented, WVSU CICT has to wait for a CHED Memorandum Order which would roughly take three years to be approved. “In CICT, what we do is we adopt. We need to do this instead of waiting, so we can keep up with fast-paced development of these BPO and IT companies. Our goal is, by the time our students graduate, they will be ready and knowledgeable.”


The Meetup invited several Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT industries which are currently operating in the city such as Synacy, Callbox, Hinduja Global Solutions, Reed Elsevier Philippines, SPi CRM, STARTEK, Teletech, and WNS. Each company conducted a 20-minute plenary session wherein the company representatives discussed their office objectives, what to expect upon employment, their mission and vision as a company, as well as providing career advice to graduating students. CICT likewise provided respective spaces for them at the Cultural Center lobby wherein students and the alumni can ask questions or inquire regarding employment.