The same set of officers of the University Non-Teaching Organization (UNPO) kept their posts after a move to have them retained for another two years was decided in an election held during the 2017 UNPO Annual General Assembly held on March 14, 2017 at WVSU Audio Visual Hall. 60 members voted for their retention while 40 voted for an election.


UNPO has a current number of 154 permanent employees and 21 casual employees as of 2017. It is an organization that recognizes the non-teaching personnel as an integral support group in attaining the mission and vision of the university as well as a vital part of the educational system wherein their services are deemed indispensable in the quest to enhance WVSU’s quality education.


Mr. Hector P. Caro, president of UNPO took his new task as a challenge “When majority of the UNPO members voted to have me retained today as their president, I was a bit anxious. Once again, I had to balance my work as a medical technologist, my laboratory assignments every week, my commitments as BAC technical staff, as a member of the personnel selection board of this university, and as a family man.” shares Mr. Caro “However, with everybody’s prodding and encouragement, I simply couldn’t say no”.


Apart from the election of officers, the General Assembly tackled the discussions and approval of the minutes of the meeting during the 2016 General Assembly, there was also the President’s report of UNPO activities as well as the treasurer’s report delivered by Ms. Regielyn Canja. The agenda also included discussions on special loan, uniform, plans for the Summer-Seminar workshop, CNA incentives, unfilled administrative staff positions, and the organization’s representation of management committees, among others.


“I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all non-teaching staff for your contribution to WVSU. As you know, we are presently AACCUP’s Top 1 Performing SUC, a feat that wouldn’t be possible had it not been for your continued hard work and service to the WVSU Administration”, Dr. Bobby Gerardo, Vice President for Administration and Finance expressed his gratitude and praise to the UNPO members. “Let us continue working together. Let us forge our ties to further our goals for the greater benefit of our stakeholders.


Dr. Gerardo likewise disclosed that the Civil Service Commission (CSC) was able to evaluate the non-teaching administration arm of the university. “This year, our aim is to get the Excellence Service Award, so let us work together to achieve that. Our end goal is the improvement of the overall performance in our respective workplace. Rest assured that the Office of the VPAF is behind you in supporting your various activities.”


                               UNPO Officers 2017-2019


Mr. Hector Caro

Vice President

Mrs. Mardy Ledesma


Mrs. Christine Jaspe

Asst. Secretary

Mrs. Manuela Losañes


Ms. Regielyn Canja

Asst. Treasurer

Mrs. Doullie Lotilla


Mrs. Marissa Antonillas

Asst. Auditor

Mrs. Maphilinda Gustilo

Business Manager

Mrs. Joy Fullo

Asst. Business Manager

Mrs. Jeany Dureza


Mr. Andy Labis

Asst. PIO

Mrs. Jelyn Regalado