College of Agriculture and Forestry

Peter Ernie D. Paris

Campus Administrator

B.S. Med. Tech., M.A.Ed. (Biology), Ph.D. Sci. Ed. (Biology)

Roel A. Alli

Acting Dean of Instruction

B.S.F. (General - Cum laude), M.S. (FRM), Ph.D. (FRM/Forestry Economics)

Eleodoro L. Alicante

BSA. (Agronomy - Cum laude), MS (Ag.Econ./Economics), Ph.D. (Community Development/Ag.Econ./Agronomy)

Nanette S. Alicante

B.S. Chemical Engineering, M.A.T. (Physical Science), Ed.D.

Roel A. Alli

BSF. (General - Cum laude), M.S. (FRM), Ph.D. (FRM/Forestry Economics)

Joel A. Araquil

BSF. (General), Graduate Diploma in Forestry, Master in Public Administration, Ph.D. (Agriculture)

Mairaz L. Arroyo

BS Ed. ( English), M.A.Ed. (English)

Berlouie L. Baga-an

BS Ed. ( English), M.A.Ed. (English)

Jelly A. Brillon

B.S.A. (Agronomy - Cum laude), M.S. (Agronomy), Ph.D. (Agronomy/Crop Production.)

Jerry A. Ceballos

B.S.F. (General), M.S. (Social Forestry/Silviculture), Ph.D. (Environmental Management)

Greta G. Gabinete

B.S.A. (Plant Science - Cum laude), M.S. (Soil & Water), Ph.D. (Soil Science)

Helen G. Genandoy

B.S.A. (Animal Science), M.S. (Agricultural Sciences), Ph.D. (Management Sciences)

Victor T. Gonzales

BSA. (Animal Science), M.S. (Animal Science/Ag. Ed.), Ph.D. (Animal Science)

Hyacin S. Inojales

BS Industrial Technology, Master of Management (Hospitality Management)

Louella L. Labramonte

BSA. (Agribusiness), Master of Applied Science  (Agricultural Systems Management)

Eva L. Lam

BSA. (Agricultural Education), M.Agr. (Plant Science), M.A.Ed. (Special Educ.), Ed.D. (Curriculum, Instruction & Evaluation)

Noemi G. Laspiñas

B.S.F. (General), Master of Forestry (FRM), Ph.D. (Educational Management)

Lucia L. Lastimoza

B.S.A. (Animal Science), M.S. (Animal Science)

Victoria S. Lastimoza

BSA. (Agricultural Economics), B.S.Ed. (Math), M.S. (Agricultural Economics), Ph.D. (Instructional Development and Management)

Anthony L. Leal

B.S.A. (Animal Science)

Elena P. Leal

B.S.E., M.A. (Home Economics), Ed.D. (Psychology & Guidance)

Belinda G. Leonida

BSF. (General), M.S.F. (Social Forestry)

Jose Raymund L. Librodo

B.S. Applied Physics

Pio J. Moquera

B.S.F. (General), Graduate Diploma in Environmental Studies

Michelle C. Paren

B.S.Ed. (Filipino)

Dorothy L. Peremne

BSA. (Agronomy), Diploma in Agriculture (Crop Protection), Master in Agriculture (Plant Science)

Jose Ariel A. Tutor

B.S.F. (General), M.S. (Silviculture/Social Forestry), Ph.D.( Forestry – SFI )

Leah L. Roncesvalles

B.S. AgHome Ed., M.A.T. (Food Trades)

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Leah Mae C. Cabalfin

College Dean

B.S.E (Social Science), LI.B., M.A. (Social Science), Ph.D. (Institutional Development Management)

Eileen L. Loreno

College Associate Dean

B.S. (Chemical Engineering), Master of Engineering

Rosalie G. Pido

College Secretary

B.S.Ed. (English), M.Ed. (English)

Ephraim C. Areño

A.B. (Social Science), M.M., M.P.A.

Ritchelda A. Auro

B.S. (Agriculture), Master in Public Administration

Salvador P. Bacio,  Jr.

B.S.Ed. (Filipino), M.A. Ed. (Filipino)

Anabelle L. Baga-an

BS Ed. (English), M.A. (English)

Jeffrey R. Ballaret

A.B. (Philosophy), M.M. (Public Administration)

Alexander J. Balsomo

B.S. (Applied Mathematics), M.Ed. (Mathematics)

Claudette A. Baluran

B.S. Ed. (English), M.A. Ed. (English), Ph.D. (English)

Larry D. Buban

B.S. Ed. (Physics), M.A. (Physics), Ph.D. Sci. Ed. (Physics)

Shirley D. Cabico

B.S. (Applied Mathematics), M.Ed. (Mathematics)

Neña Vanessa A. Cabiles

B.S.Ed. (Filipino), M.A. Ed. (Filipino)

Ma.Ernalyn B. Cepeda

BS Ed. (Filipino), M.A.Ed. (Filipino)

Wilhelm P. Cerbo

B.S. Ed., M.A. Ed., Ph.D. (Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation)

Jason C. Cocjin

B.S.Ed., M.A.Ed. (Social Science)

Evelyn M. Cordero

B.E.Ed. (Filipino), M.A. Ed. (Filipino)

Edgar R. de la Gente

B.S.Ed., M.Ed. (E.S.L.)

Leila D. De la Llana

A.B. (English), M.A. Ed. (Language Teaching), Ed. D. (Curriculum, Instruction and   Evaluation)

Myrna H. De la Saura

B.S. (Agriculture), B.S.E., M.A. (Mathematics)

Mary Ann M. De la Vega

B.S.E. (Social Studies), Graduate Diploma (Social Studies), M.A. (Economics), Ph.D. Social Science

Shim Lester G. de Pio

A.B. (Political Science), M.A. (Social Science)

Jonalyn L. Denusta

B.S. Ed. (Filipino), M.A.Ed. (Filipino)

Pastor Jones T. Denusta

B.S. (Biology), M.S. (Biology), Ph.D. (Biology)

Alexis L. Diamante

A.B. (Mass Communications), M.A. Ed. (English), M.Ed. (Special Education), Graduate Diploma (Special Education), Ed. D. (Educational Management)

Venus P. Diaz

B.S.Ed. (English), M.A.Ed. (English), Ph.D. in English Studies

Harlan C. Dureza

B.S.C.E., M.T.E. (Physics), Ed.D. (Educational Management)

Ma. Elfleda R. Ecube

A.B. (Sociology/Psychology), Ll.B., M.P.A., Ph.D. (Institutional Development and Management)

Pearly Jade N. Embajador

B.S.Ed. (Filipino), M.A. Ed. (Filipino)

Gerardo C. Erebaren

A.B. (Philosophy), Ll.B., M.A., Ed.D. (Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation)

Herbert John D. Escullar

B.S. (Applied Math), M.A. (Mathematics)

Jeannemar Genevive Y. Figueras

B.S. (Biological Science), M.S. (Biology), Ph.D. (Science Education)

Reymund B. Flores

A.B. (Political Science), M.P.G.

Evelyn J. Grey

A.B. (Soc. Sci.), M.A. Ed. (Soc. Sci.), Ph.D. (Social Science)

Reygie B. Hermano

A.B. (Political Science), Ll.B.

Voltaire B. Jacinto

A.B. (Social Science), Ll.B., M.P.G.

Rosemarie M. Java

B.S. (Statistics and Research), M.A. (Mathematics)

Mark Anthony D. Lamera

B.S. (Applied Math), M.A. (Mathematics)

Jonel P. Lañada

A.B. (Political Science), M.A. (Sociology)

Gertrudes C. Larruder

B.S.E., M.A. (Mathematics)

Noel P. Lentija

A.B. (Political Science), Master in Political Science

Cynthia L. Limsiaco

B.S. (Biology), M.S. (Microbiology)

Hilda C. Lorilla

B.S. (Forestry), M.S. (Forestry)

Elizabeth A. Magallanes

B.S. (Civil Engineering), M.A. (Mathematics)

Celia P. Magno

B.S. (Med Tech), M.A.T. (Biological Science)

Bernice P. Maliao

M.S. Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management, M.S. (Biology)

Grace A. Manajero

B.S. (Physics), M.A.T. (Physical Science)

Anita Estela M. Monroy

B.S. (Chemical Engineering), M.A. Ed. (Physical Science)

Cynthia L. Morga

A.B. (Mass Communication), M.A. Ed. (English)

Cherry T. Nepomuceno

B.S. (Ag. Engineering), M.S. (Statistics), Ph.D. (Statistics)

Ryan J. Odio

B.S. (Biology), M.A. (Biology), Ph.D. (Science Education)

Eleonora B. Padilla

A.B. (English and Social Science), M.A. Ed. (English), Ph.D. (English)

Bonna S. Palma

B.S.Ed. (English), M.A. Ed. (English), Ph.D. (Guidance and Counselling)

Gina O. Pañares

B.S. (Civil Engineering)

Francis O. Pantino

B.S.Ed., M.S.T. (Mathematics), Ph.D. in Education (Mathematics)

Joy T. Pantino

B.S. Ed., M.A.Ed. (English)

Geneveve M. Parreño

B.S.S.R., M.A. (Mathematics)

Gerard L. Penecilla

B.S. (Biology), M.S. (Botany), Ed.D. (Educational Management)

Fernand D. Peralta

A.B. English, M.A. (English and Literature)

Julie Gay B. Quidato

B.S.Ed. (Filipino), M.A.Ed. (Filipino)

Sharon F. Quimpo

B.S.E., M.Ed. (English/TESL)

Teofilo R. Rabanes

B.S.Ag., M.Ag., Ed.D. (Educational Management)

April Dream G. Rico

B.S.C. (Accounting), M.P.A., C.P.A., Ll.B., Master in Business Management, D.M.P.A.

Stephen G. Sabinay

B.S. (Biology), M.A. (Chemistry), Ph.D (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)

Agatha Z. Senina

B.S. Physics for Teachers, M.A. (Physics), Ph.D. in Education ( Major in Psychology & Guidance)

Jeanette J. Simpas

B.S.Ed., M.Ed. (Social Studies)

Nancy S. Surmieda

B.S.E., M.A.Ed., Ph.D. (Social Studies)

Rey G. Tantiado

B.S. (Biological Science), M.A. (Biology), Ph.D. in Education major in Science Education

Dolly Rose F. Temelo

B.S.Ed. (Math), M.A.Ed. (Math), Ph.D. in Science Education (Math)

Carla B. Torre

B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D. (Biology Education)

Richelle O. Tuvillo

B.S.Ed. (Physics), M.Ed., M.A. (Physics)

Prency D. Yerro

B.S. (Biology), M.A. (Biology)

Irene F. Abaygar

B.S. Ed., M.A. T., Ed. D. (Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation)

Francisca T. Borja

B.S.E., M.A. Ed. (Filipino), Ed. D. (Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation)

Mara A. Fos

B.S. Chemistry, M.A.T. Chemistry

Kathleen Mae T. Gaspalinao

B.S. (Chemistry)

Edelyn P. Gomez

A.B. (Community Development/ Psychology), M.A. (Social Science)

Hester Lynn H. Hubag

B.S. Applied Physics

Yuko M. Jaca

A.B. (English) Minor in Japanese Teaching

Dioleta N. Lazarito

B.S.E., M.A.Ed. (Filipino)

Crisanto S. Lopez, Jr.

A.B., M.S., Ph.D. (Science Education- Biology)

Elena G. Magallanes

B.S. (Mass Communications), M.A.Ed. (Language Teaching in English)

Keith Lester A. Mallorca

B.S. (Applied Mathematics)

Angelo P. Olvido

B.S.Ed (Biology), M.A. Ed. (Biology), Ph.D. (Science Education)

Ree Ran Park

B.E.Ed. (Pre-school Education), Bachelor of Liberal Arts (Teaching Korean as a Second Language), M.A.Ed. (Educational Administration and Supervision)

Lenlen D.Sacapaño

A.B. (Political Science), M.A.(Social Science)

Julius B. Undar

A.B., Ll.B., M.M. (Public Administration)

Jasmin L. Vargas

B.S. (Business Admin./Accounting), Master in Management (Business Management)

Ma. Eloisa L. Yap

A.B. (English), M.Ed. (TESL), M.A. (Human Geography and Environment)

Ramon C. Yee

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Master in Public Governance

College of Business and Management

Ma. Everly N. Sudario


B.S. Accountancy, M.B.A., M.A.Ed. (Mathematics), Ph.D. (Educational Management)

Rhodora G. Anas

Associate Dean

B.S. Accountancy, C.P.A., M.M.

Rose Marie M. Dichosa

College Secretary

BS. Secretarial Education, MA. Business Management

Luis A. Abioda

B.S.C., M.B.A., M.M., Ed.D. (Educational Management)

Kervin Marc D. Abioda

B.S.H.R.M., M.H.M.

Rita A. Arguelles

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Medical Surgical Nursing), M.H.M.

Jenny C. Calabio

B.S.A., M.S. A.(Agronomy)

Julie C. Calipay

B.C.M., M.B.M

Ma. Flora C. Collado

B.E.H.E.(Home Economics), M.S.B.A. (Hotel and Restaurant Management)

Cynthia G. Miñon, MSLT

B.S.H.R.A., M.A. Theology, M.S.B.A. (Hotel and Restaurant Management), Ph.D. in Education (Educational Management)

Dennis C. Oberio

B.S.E.T., M.H.M.

J’nyr F. Penuela, MSLT

BS. Accountancy, M.B.A.

Betty D. Rile, MSLT

B.S.E.Ed. (Pre-school Education & Agricultural Arts), M.S.B.A. (HRM), D.B.M. (Hospitality Management)

Hazel S. Sabio

B.S.C., M.B.A.

Maria Corazon M. Samorin

B.C.M., M.M. (Public Management)

Joeriza M. Tolentino

B.S.N.D., M.S.B.A. (Hotel and Restaurant Management)

Maria Roselle L. Silao-Udang

B.S.N.D., M.S.B.A. (Hotel and Restaurant Management)

Sheila Marie G. Vega

B.S.B.A., M.M

College of Communication

Carmencita Y. Robles

College Dean

A.B. Broadcast Communication, M.B.A., Master in Mass Communication, Ph.D. in Social Science

Shiela Mae C. Quero

College Secretary

B.S.M.C. (Broadcasting), M.A.Ed. (English)

Ricky  G. Abaleña, III

A.B.M.C., Master in Public Administration, Master of Arts in Journalism

Rona Dhel C. Alingasa

B.A. Broadcast Comm.- Management, Master of DevCom

Zsa  Zsa M. Bacaling

A.B.M.C., LI.B., Master in Mass Communication

Ricky P. Becodo

B.S.M.C. (Development Communication), M.Ed. English

Mil Joe S. Cabag

B.S.I.E., Master of Industrial  Technology

Riza Charity June R. Coronica

AB MassCom, DIT, M.A.Ed. (Reading)

MMa. Rosario Victoria E. De Guzman

AB., M.A. Communication

Ian C. Espada

B.S.M.C. (Journalism), Master in Mass Communication, Doctor of Management (Public Management)

Raffy S. Galan

B.S.M.C. (Broadcasting), M.A. English

David Arthur M. Quimpo

A.B. Broadcast Communication, Master in Mass Communication

Maria Corazon M. Buala


Belen G. Carreon

A.B. Social Science, B.S.Ed. (English), LIB.

Carol R. Salvatierra

B.S.M.C. (Journalism), LI.B.

Marjorie E. Libo-on

B.S.Ed., M.A.Ed. (Guidance and Counselling)

College of Education

Hilda C. Montaño

College Dean

B.S. Psychology, M.A.Ed., M. in Family & Sexuality Studies,Ed.D. (Psychology & Guidance)

Elvira L. Arellano

Associate Dean (Graduate School)

A.B., M.A.T., Ph.D. in Science Education (Mathematics)

Daisy A. Rosano

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Level)

B.E.Ed. (English), M.A.Ed. (Reading), Ph.D. (Psychology)

Shirley R. Jusayan

College Secretary (Graduate School)

B.S. Chemistry, M.M. (Public Management), Ed.D. (Educational Management)

Lorey F. Tanaleon

College Secretary (Undergraduate Level)

B.S.Ed. (Filipino), M.A.Ed. (Filipino)

Victoria V. Albacete

B.S.Ed. (English), M.A.Ed. (English), Ph.D. in Ed. (Curriculum Development)

Fina Felisa L. Alcudia

B.S.E. (English), M. Ed. (Language Teaching), Ph.D. in English Studies (Language)

Mae S. Bagsit

B.S.E. (Elem), M.A.Ed. (Reading)

Fatima A. Banhaw

B.E.Ed. (Home Economics), M.S. (Library Science)

Fortunato J. Basal

B.S.A. (Plant & Animal Science), M.Agr. (Plant & Animal Science)

Jan Iris Faye M. Basbas

B.S.Ed. (Guidance & Counseling), M.Ed. (Guidance & Counseling)

Alona M. Belarga

B.S.E. (Mathematics), M.A.T. (Mathematics), Ph.D. in Science Education (Mathematics)

Genesis G. Camarista

B.E.Ed. (Mathematics), M.A.Ed. (Mathematics), Ph.D. in Ed. (Curriculum Development)

Eva S. Cadete

A.B. (Psychology), M.Ed. (Guidance & Counseling)

Lea L. Cañoso

A.B. Economics, M. in Agricultural Economics

Belen A. Castigador

B.S.E.Ed. (Reading), M.P.A. (Public Administration)

Genevieve R. Conjusta

B.E.Ed. (Reading), M.A.Ed. (Reading)

Sherbeth H. Consebit

B.E.Ed., M. Ed. (Special Education), Ph.D. in Ed. (Psychology & Guidance)

Antoniette D. Cortez

B.E.Ed. (Reading), M.Ed. (English as a Second Language)

Rosalea Cornelia A. De Leon

A.B. (Psychology), M.A. (Psychology)

Cheryl Lyn C. Delgado

B.S.Ed (Mathematics), M.A.Ed. (Mathematics)

Ma. Asuncion Christine V. Dequilla

B.S.E. (English), M.A.Ed. (English), Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics

German T. Dollete

B.S.I.E. (Industrial Arts), M.S. (Practical Arts)

Romeo T. Espedion, Jr.

B.S.E. (Filipino), M.A.Ed. (Filipino)

Rosemarie G. Felimon

B.S.Ed. (Mathematics), M.Ed. (Mathematics), Ph.D. in Science Education (Mathematics)

Chive G. Gabasa

B.S.T. (Physics), M.A. (Physics), Ph.D. in Science Education (Mathematics)

Gemma F. Gadian

, B.S.Ed. (Physics), M.Ed. (Physics)

Angelita D. Germinal

B.E.Ed. (Kindergarten), M.A. (Reading)

Jonathan C. Glorial

B.E.Ed. (Mathematics), M.A.Ed. (Mathematics), Ph.D. in Science Education (Mathematics)

Vicente C. Handa

B.S.Ed. (General Science), M.A. (Educational Management), M.Ed. (Chemistry), Ph.D. in Science Education

Ma. Elena Bernadette P. Hojilla

B.S.E. (Biology), M.S.T. (Biology)

Eleanor S. Jamero

B.E.Ed. (Social Studies), M. Ed. (Social Studies)

Verna Jade B. Janay

B.S. (Biology), Diploma in Teaching, M.Ed. (Early Chidhood Education)

Sybel F. Labis

B.E.Ed. (Mathematics), M.A.Ed. (Mathematics)

John R. Ladublan

B.S.T. (Chemistry), M.A. (Chemistry)

Ditas L. Ligue

B.S. Management, M.Ed. (English as Second Language), Graduate Diploma in SPED, Diploma in ECE

Ma. Lulu L. Loyola

B.S.E. (Elem), M.Ed., Ed.D. (Psychology & Guidance)

Ricky M. Magno

B.S.E. (General Science & Chemistry), M.S.T. (Chemistry), Ph.D. in Science Education (Chemistry)

Rossini G. Monsalud

B.E.Ed. (MAPE), M.Ed. (Special Education)

Noeni S. Nepomuceno

B.S.A., M. Agriculture, Ed.D. (Educational Management)

Myra Angelie S. Oliveros

B.Sp.Ed. (Teaching the Gifted), M.Ed. (Special Education)

Rejie F. Palmos

B.E.Ed. (Guidance & Counseling), M.Ed. (Guidance & Counseling)

Emellie G. Palomo

B.S. Chemical Engineering, M.A.T. (Mathematics), Ph.D. in Science Education (Mathematics)

Danilo M. Parreño

B.S.Ed. (Mathematics), M.A. Ed. (Mathematics)

Peter Ernie D. Paris

B.S. Medical Technology, M.A. Ed. (Biology), Ph.D. in Science Education (Biology)

John Erwin P. Pedroso

B.S.Ed. (Social Studies), M.Ed. (Administration and Supervision)

Mary June D. Pineda

B.S.E.Ed. (Reading), M.A.Ed. (Reading)

Angelina N. Ramirez

B.S.E. (Mathematics), M.A. (Mathematics)

Helen Joy L. Rivera

B.S.E. (Art), M.Ed. (Special Education)

Baby Rose G. Robles

B.S. (Psychology), M.Ed. (Guidance and Counseling), Ph.D. in Education (Psychology & Guidance)

Catherine O. Roces

B.S. Psychology, M.A. (Values Education), Ed.D. (Psychology & Guidance)

Roberto G. Sagge, Jr.

B.S.Ed. (Mathematics), M.A.Ed. (Mathematics), Ph.D. in Sci. Ed. (Mathematics)

Amabel T. Siason

B.S.Ed. (Guidance & Counseling), M.Ed. (Guidance & Counseling)

Arturo S. Souribio

B.S.I.E. (Industrial Arts), M.S.I.E. (Educational Management), Ed.D. (Educational Management)

Vilma F. Templora

B.S. Chem., M.A.Ed. (Chemistry), Ph.D. in Science Education (Chemistry)

Ignacio S. Tibajares Jr.

B.S. Chemistry, M.A.Ed. (Chemistry)

Lea C. Tingson

B.E.Ed. (Elementary Science), M.A.Ed. (Elementary Science)

Michael Caesar C. Tubal

B.Sp.Ed. (Teaching the Gifted), M.Ed. (English as a Second Language)

Mary Joy D. Tubonggan

B.E.Ed. (Early Childhood Education), M.Ed. (Special Education)

Hazel P. Villa

B.S.Ed. (English), MJour

Van Kristine M. Villa

A.B. (English), M.Ed. (English as a Second Language)

Marievic M. Violeta

, B.S.E.Ed (Reading), M.Ed. (English as a Second Language)

Merlyn F. Zolina

B.S.Ed. (Filipino)

College of Medicine





Associate Dean for Academic Affairs









BS Biological Science, Doctor of Medicine


BS Biological Science, Doctor of Medicine


BS Biological Science, Doctor of Medicine


BS Biological Science, Doctor of Medicine


BS Biological Science, Doctor of Medicine


BS Biological Science, Doctor of Medicine


AB Science, Doctor of Medicine


BS Biological Science, Master in Management, Doctor of Medicine


BS Medical Technology, Doctor of Medicine


Bachelor of Science in Biological Science, Doctor of Medicine


B.S. Medical Technology, M.S. in Biochemistry, Doctor of Medicine


AB Science, Doctor of Medicine


BS Biology, MS Pharmacology


B.S Medical Technology, Doctor of Medicine


BS Zoology, Doctor of Medicine


B.Sc., M.M.P.H., Doctor of Medicine


BS Biology, Doctor of Medicine


BS Biology, Rural Development Management, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Management


BS Medical Technology, Hospital Administration, Doctor of Medicine


BS Medical Technology, Doctor of Medicine


BS Biological Sciences, Master in Public Administration, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Philosophy in Education - Educational Management (on-going)


BS Biological Sciences, Doctor of Medicine


B.S. Medical Technology, Masters of Public Health

Helen D. Villarete


Ramon G. Zarceno

M.D., Ph.D., FPAFP

College of Nursing

Rosana Grace Belo-Delariarte


B.S.N., M.P.H. (Health Education) M.N. (Community Health Nursing), Ed.D. (Educational Management)

Purisima R. Estrella

Associate Dean

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Medical-Surgical Nursing)

Virginia F. Federiso

Clinical Coordinator

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Community Health Nursing)

Albert C. Apilado

B.S.N., M.A.T. (Health Education)

Sheila P. Beliran

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing)

Maria Rebecca A. Buscar

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Nursing Education)

Dexter P. Cendaña


Jane P. Daniel

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Maternal and Child Nursing)

Rudinia J. Dayot

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Nursing Education)

Cybill D. Diaz

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Medical-Surgical Nursing)

Besie A. Duran

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Nursing Education)

Janet Marie Z. Gequillana

B.S.N., M.A.T. (Health Education)

Willah D. Gorriceta

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Nursing Education)

Rodolfo A. Guillergan, Jr.

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Nursing Education)

Febray G. Lapidante

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Nursing Education)

Ryan Michael F. Oducado

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Community Health Nursing)

Joanna C. Pabilona

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Nursing Education)

Madonna S. Palmes

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Medical-Surgical Nursing)

Ayesha C. Penuela

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Nursing Service Administration), (Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing)

Zanita Glenda A. Plaga

B.S.N., M.A.T. (Health Education)

Gemma P. Retirado

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Nursing Education)

Emily E. Robite

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Medical-Surgical Nursing)

Arlyn F. Salistre

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Maternal and Child Nursing)

Ma. Nelia P. Silloriquez

B.S.N., M.A.T. (Health Education), M.N. (Maternal and Child Nursing), Ph.D. (Psychology and Guidance)

Donabelle R. Sioson

B.S.N., M.N. (Maternal and Child Nursing)

Marianne G. Sotelo

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Medical-Surgical Nursing)

Junah C. Villanueva

B.S.N., M.A.N. (Nursing Education)

College of PESCAR

Porferio J. Barlas, Jr.


B.S.E.D. (PE), M.S.P.E. (Sports), Ph.D. (Educational Management)

Paulo C. Abrico

B.S.M.C. (Broadcasting), D.P.E., M.P.E. (Sports)

Ma. Nenitte T. Bajador

B.S.Ed. (PE), M.A.Ed. (Physical Education)

Erlinda V. Bebit

B.M.E., M.M., M.Ed. (Administration & Supervision), M.A. (Language Teaching), Ph.D. (Educational Management)

Jon Kristoffer E. Deguma

B.P.E., M.M.E.M., M.P.E. (Dance)

Noel R. Gaban

B.P.E., M.A.Ed., (Physical Education)

Richard J. Gabayoyo

B.P.E., M.A.Ed. (Physical Education), Ph.D. (Educational Management)

Jemuel B. Garcia, Jr.,

B.P.E., M.P.E. (Dance)

Christopher T. Jaspe

B.P.E., M.P.E. (Sports)

Ronie A. Libutaque


Eva Rose G. Malones

B.P.E., M.S.P.E. (Sports)

Noel P. Mondejar

B.P.E., M.A.Ed. (Physical Education)

Weena M. Paclibar

B.P.E., M.A.Ed. (Physical Education)

Liberty R. Porras

BSE (ITEP) P.E., M.A.Ed. (Physical Education)

Ryan L. Puljanan

B.P.E., M.P.E. (Dance)

Niño Jerome Dominic D. Rovero

B.P.E., M.P.E.

College of Information and Communications Technology

Joel T. De Castro


B.S. in Biology, M.S. Computer Science, Doctor of Industrial Technology

Ma. Luche P. Sabayle

Associate Dean

B.S.ED major in Mathematics, Master of Computer Science

Karen Alinor J. Dumpit

College Secretary

B.S.E.C.E., M.A. (Mathematics)

Regin A. Cabacas

B.S.I.T, M.I.T.E. (Information and Telecommunications Engineering)

Ma. Beth S. Concepcion

B.S.I.M., Master in Information Management (on Study Leave)

Cyreneo S. Dofitas, Jr.

B.S.C.S., M.S. Computer Science

Rodel D. Dosano

B.S.E.E., Master in Engineering Education, Ph.D. (Engineering major in Electrical, Electronics and Control Engineering)

Frank I. Elijorde

B.S.I.T., M.S. Computer Science, Ph.D. (Information and Knowledge Engineering)

Bobby D. Gerardo

BB.S.E.E., M.A.Ed. (Mathematics), Ph.D. (Information & Knowledge Engineering)

Erwin D. Osorio

B.S.E.E., M.S.C.S. (CAR)

Marino A. Osorio

B.S.CHE, M.S. (Chemical Engineering), Ed.D. (Educational Management)

Arnel N. Secondes

B.S.C.S., M.S. Computer Science

Paul Marlou C. Subong


Integrated Laboratory School

Emellie G. Palomo


Ph. D. in Science Education (Mathematics Education)

Christine C. Coriento

B.S. (Biology)

Angelou B. Deloguines

B.S.Ed. (Mathematics), M.A.Ed. (Mathematics)

Gemma O. Fernandez

B.S.Ed. (Physics), M. Ed. (Physics)

Obed Joy B. Gaitan

B.S.Ed. (Social Studies)

Van Kristine M. Villa

A.B. (English), M.Ed. (English as a Second Language)

Danilo M. Parreño

B.S.Ed. (Mathematics), M.A.Ed. (Mathematics) – on leave

Merlyn F. Zolina

B.S.Ed. (Filipino)

Alona M. Belarga

B.S.Ed. (Mathematics), M.A.T. (Mathematics), Ph.D. (Mathematics)

Leah Mae C. Cabalfin

B.S.E. (Social Studies), Ll.B., M.A. (Social Science), Ph.D. (Institutional Development Management)

Cheryl Lyn C. Delgado

B.S.Ed. (Mathematics), M.A.Ed. (Mathematics) – on leave

Chive G. Gabasa

B.S.T. (Physics), M.A. (Physics), Ph.D. (Mathematics Education)

Ma. Elena Bernadette P. Hojilla

B.S.Ed. (Biology), M.S.T. (Biology) – on leave

Shirley R. Jusayan

B.S. (Chemistry), M.M. (Public Management), Ed.D. (Educational Management)

John R. Ladublan

B.S.T. (Chemistry), M.A. (Chemistry) – on leave

Ricky M. Magno

B.S.E. (Gen. Science/Chemistry), M.S.T. (Chemistry), Ph.D. in Science Education (Chemistry)

Emellie G. Palomo

B.S.(Chemical Engineering), M.A.T. (Mathematics), Ph.D. (Mathematics Education)

Peter Ernie D. Paris

B.S. (Medical Technology), M.A.Ed. (Biology), Ph.D. in Science Education (Biology)

Angelina N. Ramirez

B.S.E. (Mathematics), M.A. (Mathematics)

Helen Joy L. Rivera

B.S.E. (Art), M.Ed. (Special Education)

Lorey F. Tanaleon

B.S.Ed. (Filipino), M.A.Ed. (Filipino)

Ignacio S. Tibajares, Jr.

B.S. (Chemistry), M.A.Ed. (Chemistry)

Laden Jane P. Caalem

B.Sp.Ed. (Teaching Children with Mental Retardation)

Jeanar A. Cordenillo


Agustin G. Divinagracia III

B.E.H.E., M.A.Ed. (Language Teaching)

Hazel A. Esteva

B.E.Ed. (English)

Sybel Joy F. Labis

B.E.Ed. (Mathematics), M.A.Ed. (Mathematics) - on leave

Marrissa O. Ong

B.Sp.Ed. (Teaching the Hearing Impaired), M.Ed. (Special Education)

Mae Joy G. Palomo

B.Sp.Ed. (Teaching Children with Mental Retardation)

Kay C. Silla

B.Sp.Ed. (Teaching Children with Mental Retardation), M.Ed. (Special Education)

Radly Mar U. Simpao

B.S. Information Technology

Michael Caesar C. Tubal

B.Sp.Ed. (Teaching the Gifted), M.Ed. (English as Second Language) - on leave

Genevieve R. Conjusta

B.E.Ed. (Reading), M.A.Ed. (Reading)

Eleanor S. Jamero

B.E.Ed. (Social Studies), M.Ed. (Social Studies) - on leave

Verna Jade B. Janay

B.S. (Biology), Diploma in Teaching, M.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)

Rossini G. Monsalud

B.E.Ed. (MAPE), M.Ed. (Special Education)

Myra Angelie D. Oliveros

B.Sp.Ed. (Teaching the Gifted), M.Ed. (Special Education)

Rejie F. Palmos

B.E.Ed. (Guidance and Counseling), M.Ed. (Guidance and Counseling), R.G.C. (Registered Guidance Counselor)

Mary June D. Pineda

B.S.Ed. (Reading), M.A.Ed. (Reading)

Lea C. Tingson

B.E.Ed. (Elementary Science), M.A.Ed. (Elementary Science)