The Office is headed by the Director for Admissions & Records and is responsible for implementing, through the different campus registrars, the admissions policies of the various colleges and academic units of the University, systematic filing, safekeeping and issuance of the student’s academic records.The Office includes all the campus registrars of the University.

A clientele-centered and efficient office for  student admissions and depository of academic records and documents

The Office of Admissions and Records commits itself to a friendly and efficient delivery of services to students and other clientele in all campuses of the University.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Automation of student records;
  2. Networking among the registrar’s offices of the different campuses;
  3. Further efforts for uniform policies, rules and procedures among the different registrar’s offices;
  4. Continuous orientation and information dissemination among students regarding admissions, retention, graduation, and related concerns;
  5. Enhanced professionalization of services;
  6. Improved admissions procedures; and
  7. Improvement of facilities and equipment


The Admissions & Records Office:

  1. Receives, evaluates and checks all records, through the different campus registrars of the University, of incoming undergraduate freshmen, graduate students, and students transferring from other schools in order to confirm their admission to the courses in the University.
  2. Informs officially the applicants, upon the Dean’s recommendation, of the actions of the screening committees of colleges or units concerned about the status of their application for admission to the University.
  3. Coordinates with the Deans of all academic units in matters pertaining to the academic status of their application for admission to the University.
  4. Administers and supervises the entering of grades and their information into the students’ official records.
  5. Makes routine reports and transmits statistical data and other required information.
  6. Expedites admissions, enrolment and separation papers of students enrolled in the University, and handles related communications.
  7. Coordinates with the deans to facilitate student records particularly grades for every term and for graduation.
  8. Assists the Deans in the projection of student enrolment and in the opening of new relevant programs.
  9. Conducts information dissemination and information drives to attract quality students to the University.
  10. Supervises the various Registrar’s offices in the University and introduces systems that would promote efficiency and effectiveness.
  11. Administers the College Admission Test, sends CAT results to the examinees, and shares the same with the respective deans.