The University Learning Assessment Center (ULAC) is an academic support unit under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs that monitors student learning. The Center operates system-wide including extension campus. At present, its major program is on Terminal Competencies Assessment given to all graduating students to determine their workplace readiness.  It maintains a database of the competencies assessment results over the years. 

The Center should assist academic units in developing program learning outcomes, selecting and developing appropriate assessment tools, analyzing and reporting student learning data, and assuring that student learning data is used in formulating institutional and academic decisions.

Objectives / Vision and Mission / Mandate:

The institutional objectives for the assessment of student learning:

  1. To determine the effectiveness of teaching and the curricular offerings.
  2. To monitor student learning status for instructional planning.
  3. To motivate students to share the responsibility of learning.
  4. To employ a variety of assessment tools to measure quantitative and qualitative indicators of learning.
  5. To provide regular, objective and systematic feedback for program design, review and development.
  6. To engage faculty in learning assessment researches by providing a framework and organizational and infrastructure support.      

Functions / Services

The quality of student academic performance is an evidence of long term planning and development efforts of a University. To have periodic feedback that is strategic and systemic, regular system-wide student learning assessment that engages every sector of the institution (students, teachers, researchers, the administration, and significant others) was institutionalized by the University Learning Assessment Center. To support learning assessment priorities of the Center, faculty and staff assessment capability enhancement will be continuously undertaken by the ULAC. Assessment instruments will be continually designed and developed to measure competencies necessary to produce globally competitive life-long learners. Results will be efficiently disseminated to stakeholders, for immediate feedback, thus sustaining a culture collaboration and accountability.

The Center is managed by a faculty- designated Director and assisted by a technical staff.