Bachelor of Arts in English

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in English is designed to meet the demand in the tertiary teaching profession and in business and industry, both in government and non-government agencies and institutions.


Bachelor of Arts in English aims primarily to fully equip its graduates with the necessary communication skills in English needed in globally competitive jobs in language and literature teaching, the call center industry, medical transcription, research and those that require excellent communication skills.

Specifically, this undergraduate degree program aims:

  1. To provide students with broad liberal education and experiences in the English Language and Literature for them to communicate effectively and develop appreciation of varied literary genres;
  2. To develop among students a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to service as highly competitive professionals in the field of language and literature; and
  3. To equip students with necessary skills for competence in the English language leading to career opportunities in English language research and English language teaching in the academe and English language training in business and industry like law, journalism, broadcast communication, foreign service, publishing, editing, and advertising.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The forefront in training students in political science.

To prepare students toward law profession, and to provide trained and competent manpower through excellent quality education.


  1. To provide students in-depth understanding of the various fields of Political Science, endow them with the competencies necessary to assess and respond to various political concerns and problems;
  2. To equip students with competencies in Political Science in preparation for a career in the academe, law or service in the government and other sectors;
  3. To instill among students deep sense of community involvement and commitment through research and extension services; and
  4. To produce young professionals with high degree of competence in the discipline necessary for them to contribute to institutional, national and international growth and development.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

Program Description
BSAM is designed to fill the demand in the tertiary teaching profession, in the business and the industry; in both the government and non-government agencies and establishments.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics aims primarily to fully equip the would be mathematics teachers in the undergraduate or tertiary level as well as those who plan to wok in mathematics-oriented job in business and industry; both in the government and non-government agencies and institutions. It is a market-driven degree.

Specifically, this undergraduate degree program aims:

  1. To provide the students with a curriculum that represents the breadth and depth of mathematics to enhance their mathematical and critical thinking skills, and develop in them a greater appreciation and understanding of its importance in the different aspects of life in the real world;
  2. To fully equip students who plan to teach mathematics at the undergraduate/tertiary level and who plan to take mathematics-oriented jobs in business, industry or the government with necessary knowledge and skills;
  3. To prepare the students who plan to take graduate studies either in pure or applied mathematics or related fields;
  4. To develop creative potentials of students through applied mathematics research so that the results will enrich mathematical literature and its applications will be utilized by the community; and
  5. To produce competent applied mathematicians that will contribute growth and development in the academe and the business world.

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences


  1. To provide BS Biological Sciences students with broad liberal education and experiences in the natural sciences for them to acquire scientific information and data form various authoritative sources, to create solutions to modern day life problems and to build knowledge-based economy of the community;
  2. To enable students to acquire necessary competences and skills in pre-medical education in preparation for a medical career and in the allied sciences; and in biotechnology or microbiology in preparation for work in the different industries;
  3. To develop in the student’s moral understanding of the biotechnical issues and their applications in the life sciences; and
  4. To create opportunities for the students to be aware of local and national conditions so that they can responsibly utilize their knowledge for the development of the Filipino society.

Graduate Program Offerings

1.    To upgrade the academic preparations, qualifications and competencies of teachers, leaders and professionals in the different fields of the arts and sciences by providing content-based, multi-disciplinary and research-oriented courses.
2.    To meet the professional development needs of public servants locally,  regionally and nationally in public management or governance.
3.    To produce graduates who demonstrate critical thinking, research skills, appreciation of our cultural heritage, and the ability and willingness to contribute to the improvement of the society.

MA Math

Program Objectives
The primary objective of the Master of Arts in Mathematics program is to broaden the knowledge and improve/upgrade the skills of mathematics teachers and would be mathematics teachers in the tertiary level.

Ph.D (Social Science)    

Program Objectives
The Ph.D. (Social Science) degree program aims to:
     provide advanced training to practitioners in the Social Sciences;
     offer a content-based and research-oriented background in the Social Sciences;
     improve competencies of Social Science practitioners through a multi-disciplinary program in the Social Sciences.


Program Objectives
This program is designed for faculty in tertiary institutions teaching Biology, who finished BS Biology or are non-BS Biology degree holders or teachers in secondary schools who are BSEd major in Biology graduates and wish to improve their Biology content and research skills in Biology.


Program Objectives
    The program aims to address the teachers’ needs in Region VI to upgrade their academic preparation and qualifications to teach in the tertiary level. Being research-oriented and laboratory intensive, this program is expected to produce research-oriented graduates who have adequate content knowledge and skills in their area of specialization.

MA Physics

Program Objectives
         This graduate program aims to upgrade the competencies of tertiary level Physics instructors, whether BSEd major in Physics, Engineering or other graduates with the required mathematical background.

MA Social Sciences

Program Objectives
    The M.A. Social Sciences (Non-Thesis) program aims to:
1.    train practitioners (faculty, researchers, etc.) in the Social Sciences;
2.    provide and improve qualifications of a content-based and research-oriented background in the Social Sciences;
3.    offers a multi-disciplinary degree program to teachers in the basic education and tertiary levels of education.

Master in Public Governance

Program Objectives
1.    To meet the professional development needs of public servants in the Province of Iloilo and Region VI;
2.    To facilitate the education, training in techniques and skills in management and public administration of middle and top-level managers in Region VI;
3.    To help upgrade the management resources in public agencies in the Province of Iloilo and Region VI;
4.    To serve as a research channel linking WVSU, NGA’s, LGUs, NGO’s and PO’s in forging a strengthened extension and research environment.

MA English and Literature

Program Objectives
This non-thesis program leading to the degree of Master of Arts in English and Literature is designed to enhance and enrich knowledge of the English language, its form and function, and Literature.  It aims to develop the philosophical background, critical reading skills, writing expression and appreciation of literary styles of students.