College of Business & Management


The Institute of Management was conceived as a separate degree granting unit of the West Visayas State University and approved and authorized under Board Resolution No. 27, series of  2007 dated March 8, 2007. Under its umbrella are the Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Management program, a transfer from the College of Education and the Bachelor of Cooperatives Management program from the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Goals and Objectives of the College


  1. Assurance of quality instruction and industry-driven curriculum;
  2. Emphasize the need for research in business and industry and allied disciplines and disseminate products of research in actual instruction;
  3. Innovate, collaborate, and share expertise; and
  4. Relentless quest for excellence


  1. Provide instruction through a relevant and responsible curricular program vis-à-vis business and industry needs and requirements.
  2. Undertake research in business and industry and related disciplines.
  3. Take the lead role in collaborating and sharing of expertise with local and international institutions and entities.
  4. Take the lead role in enhancing the quality of business and management education towards global competitiveness
  5. To conserve and disseminate culture while enriching it with contributions from each generation.

Admission Requirements

Students are admitted to the Institute according to University rules and regulations. Applicants shall accomplish the following requirements:

  1. have obtained at least 80% high school average;
  2. have passed the WVSU College Admission Test (WVSU CAT);
  3. possess good moral character;
  4. be willing to abide by WVSU and IM policies and regulations;
  5. be proficient in oral and written English;
  6. pass the interview and the Cooperative  Aptitude test given by the College;
  7. submit all credentials necessary for enrolment

Admission Requirements

Entrance Credentials

  • Letters of recommendation from three (3) former professors and/or immediate supervisors in previous or present employers 
  • Undergraduate  transcript of records (post-baccalaureate and graduate, if applicable, duly certified true copy) 
  • A certified copy of marriage contract (for married female only) 
  • Permit to study (if employed) 
  • Honorable dismissal/Certificate of Transfer Credential from the last school attended

Additional Credentials Required for Foreign Students:

  • A photocopy of authentication of records from the Philippine Embassy or relevant countries of schooling 
  • Certificates of English Language Proficiency for foreign students from countries where English is not the medium of instruction.
  • One long sized white folder.

Criteria for Admission

The following are considered in the admission process:

  • A bachelor’s degree with a weighted average of 2.0 or its equivalent 
  • Probationary admission is offered to an applicant whose academic records and other supporting documents/requirements indicate deficiencies but show promise of success in graduate study. A review of his performance after 9 units of course work will determine the change of his status from probationary to regular.
  • Entrance examination results.
  • Potential for graduate work and educational leadership based on results of interview.

Maximum Residency Rule (MRR)

  • All master’s students must attain candidacy to the degree within three (3) calendar years from the date of admission and must have completed all requirements within (5) calendar years. If the students cannot comply with the MRR, they are allowed a maximum of two (2) years extension provided they enroll in a penalty course related to their specialization. Students will enroll all over again if they fail to finish the program within seven (7) calendar years.

Degree Requirements

       Comprehensive Examination

  • Upon completion of all academic courses leading to the degree, a written comprehensive examination must be taken and passed by the student. The schedule of the comprehensive examination will be announced by the Institute every term or semester.


  • Submission of three (3) bound copies and three (3) good quality electronic copies in Un-editable Portable Document Format (PDF) of the thesis or dissertation
  • Submission of two (2) copies of publishable research article (soft copy and hard copy) from the thesis. The article must not be more than fifteen (15) pages excluding references and appendixes in a double spaced short bond paper observing the APA format, using font style Tahoma.

Graduation Requirements

  • Completed 30 units of academic requirements
  • Passed the Written Comprehensive Exam
  • Passed the Oral Defense of the Thesis

     A graduate student who is scheduled to have the thesis/dissertation final defense in a particular semester is also a candidate for graduation in such semester; hence, he/she may apply for graduation upon the recommendation of the thesis/dissertation adviser. Application form will be taken from the Registrar’s Office.