College of Medicine


Established in 1975, the West Visayas State University College of Medicine is the pioneer medical school in Western Visayas and the 2nd state owned medical school in the country. It has produced 2,468 graduates (as of March 2009), majority of whom are serving the  different areas in the entire archipelago. Today, the graduates are into community work as primary health care physicians, teachers, researchers and clinicians in various fields of specialization here and abroad.

The West Visayas State University College of Medicine occupies a two storey Roxas Hall located inside the 17-hectares University main campus. The College utilizes the dissection room at Rizal Hall and the University Computer Center for its computer-aided instruction.

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Vision, Mission and Objectives of the College


A community of physicians

· Socially accountable, enlightened and professionally competent
· Committed to deliver primary health care with compassion
· Dedicated towards continuing medical education,research and extension and
· Devoted to serve the health needs of the Filipino people


To provide deserving students an affordable medical education that is in consonance with the concept of a socially accountable primary health care physician equally prepared for post graduate studies, research, teaching and specialized training.


Upon the completion of their medical education the students should be able to:

1.  Apply requisite knowledge of the basic medical sciences in the performance of fundamental skills for the practice of medicine.

2.  Develop essential habits and proper attitudes in the acquisition of knowledge and humane treatment of the patients.

3.  Apply principles of professional ethics in the practice of medicine.

4.  Inculcate social awareness and empathy in the course of serving the medical and psychological needs of the community.

5.  Utilize appropriate knowledge, skills, and experiences in their academic endeavors, scientific research or service, either directly or indirectly to the community in varying degrees and depths.

The Curriculum

Responding to the challenges of medical education, the College of Medicine embarked on a new strategy, the Problem Based Learning approach. This is an innovative approach in which students tackle problems in small groups under the supervision of a tutor. Once presented with a problem, the student is expected to undergo the following processes: hypothesis generation, inquiry, data analysis and decision-making. By observing a scientific process of reasoning, the student will learn in context and integrate the subject matter around professionally relevant problems. Being student-centered, this self-directed learning strategy aims to:

a. enhance the individual’s intrinsic motivation to learn

b. enable the student to acquire the following:

  • problem solving skills
  • interpersonal skills
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Admission Policies & Requirements

The Committee on Admissions

The Committee on Admissions has the authority to determine the criteria of selection and to recommend who from among the applicants are qualified students. The College selects applicants based on intellectual and personal preparedness irrespective of sex, religious belief and political affiliation. It reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant whose admission is deemed inimical to the best of the College and the University.

General Policies on Admission

  1. An applicant must be of good moral character.
  2. An applicant must have no record of final conviction for a crime.
  3. An applicant must have good academic records, in compliance with the standards set forth by the Admissions Committee.
  4. An applicant must undergo and pass the interview process on the data scheduled y the Admissions Committee.
  5. A student may apply only one per school year.  He shall ranked based on documents submitted prior to his interview.
  6. The College has the prerogative to determine the number of  students who shall be admitted.
  7. Filipino students  shall be given priority on admission.
  8. A student who qualified for enrollment but failed to enroll in that particular school year shall have to reapply and undergo the screening process anew.
  9. As per Board of Regents resolution no. 68, s. 2001, 75% of available slots shall be given to enrollees permanently residing in Region VI, and the remaining slots shall be filled by applicants from other regions in the country.
  10.  Other relevant University rules on admission which are contradictory to the preceding rules shall apply.


  1. New students and/or qualified transferees are admitted only to the first year class in the first semester.
  2. He/She must be holder of a Bachelors degree in science or arts (AB/BS) conferred upon by a duly recognized educational institution.
  3. He/she must have taken the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT). The West Visayas State University College of Medicine requires an NMAT percentile rank of at least 60%.
  4. He/She must present a Certificate of Good Moral Character from two College professors.
  5. He/She must present a Birth Certificate.
  6. He/She must submit a Transcript of Records showing completion of a degree course.
  7. For graduates of private schools, the Transcript of Records is validated by  a Special order from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). For graduates of public schools, the diploma and Certificate of Graduation must be presented.
  8. The applicant must have a weighted average equivalent to 2.5 (80) or better in all his/her College subjects for the degree obtained, or in the first seven semester for the College degree being pursued if the students is graduation in the second semester of the current year.
  9. Application for admission may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar, College of Medicine starting January 2 of the current year.  He deadline is March 31 of the same year (for the first batch of applicants).  Deadline of submission of application for the second batch of applicants shall set by the Admissions Committee.
  10.  The official application from must be accompanied by:
    1. Certified Machine Copy of NMAT results
    2. Certified Machine Copy of Transcript of Records
    3. 2 pieces 2x2 ID picture
    4. Self-addressed stamped envelope
    5. Certified machine copy of latest income Tax Return of parents
    6. Certified machine copy of live birth certificate
  11. Qualified applicants must submit to a personal interview scheduled by the Committee on Admissions.
  12. Qualified applicants must pass the Physical Examination to be conducted by the West Visayas State University Medical Center physicians and the University dentist.
  13. Upon enrolment, the following must be submitted:
    1. Original copy of Honorable dismissal
    2. Original copy of NMAT result
    3. Certificate of Live Birth
    4. Physical and Dental Examination results
    5. Original copy of  Transcript of Records
    6. Certificate of Good Moral Character
    7. Certificate of Graduation
    8. Special order for graduates of Private Schools
  14. Foreign students must comply with requirements of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Students qualified for admission are considered officially registered upon payment of fees.  Old students should present their clearance for the preceding term to the registrar’s office and their ID cards for validation. Late registration may be allowed for valid reasons, but only within one week from the official opening of classes.