The office offers the following services:

  1. Recruitment, Selection, Placement and Promotion
    • Identifies all unfilled or vacant positions and vacancies to be filled through promotion in the university
    • Publish & posts vacancies
    • Receives applications and all other requirements for employment
    • Assists the Selection Board in the conduct of the screening process
    • Prepares the appointment papers for signature of the University President
  2. Appointments and Other Personnel Actions
    • Review and check the completeness of all the requirements and supporting papers in connection with all cases of appointments before submission to CSC
    • Ensure the oath taking of concerned appointees
  3. Personnel Welfare Benefits, Awards And Incentives
  4. Prepare and issue certifications and other documents to faculty and staff:
    • Certification of employment
    • Certification of last salary received
    • Certification of the date of assumption to duty for new employees
    • Statement of Service Credit
    • Statement of Leave Credits
    • Acceptance of resignation
    • Authority to transfer
    • Certification of Appearance
  5. Issue supporting papers for all medicare claims of personnel
  6. Prepare applications/documents pertinent to employees membership and other transactions to different agencies

Leave Administration

  • Made all records available to employees pertaining to leave credits earned;
  • Process all application for leave for approval by the Chief Administrative Officer, Administrative Division or the University President


  • Provides concerned faculty and staff with checklist of requirements for retirement for completion/compliance to facilitate processing of retirement benefits;
  • Consolidates/reviews documents submitted by retiring employees to ascertain completeness of information/requirements;
  • Upon approval by the GSIS, submits documents to the Budget Office for gratuity benefits and terminal pay of the retiree.

Personnel Career Development

  • Conduct orientation/induction program for new employees
  • Make available training programs and scholarship grants to qualified and interested faculty and staff
  • Assist the faculty and staff in their personal and professional development.