Transparency Seal

The West Visyas State University maintains transparency and accountability in this website. WVSU (and its external campuses and allied sciences) complies with Sec. 91 (Transparency Seal) of the Republic Act 10633 (General Provisions Act of 2014).

WVSU Congratulatory Letter and Score Cards (FY 2015 PBB)

Provided below are the series of links and attachments of documents required for public accesibility.

I.    Agency's Mandate, Vision, Mission and Directory of Officials

II.    Annual Financial Reports (2013-2017)

III.    DBM Approved Budget and Targets

IV.    Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation​

​Quarterly Report on Government Programs/Projects/Activities 2017

V.    Annual Procurement Plan

VI.    QMS ISO Certification

VII.    System of Ranking the Delivery Units

VIII.    Satisfaction of Good Governance Conditions

XI.    WVSU Freedom of Information Manual (FOI)