VP for Academic Affairs


The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is one of the main units that directly formulates policies and performs the University function of instruction. Its work centers on academic policy, planning and management which includes academic staffing, teaching and learning and teaching innovation. The office play a major role in quality assurance and is responsible for academically related reviews

Directly under this Office are the attached untis and include the University Library, Registrar/Records and Admission, Student Services, Central Laboratory, Distance Education, and the Office of the Director of Instruction

Attached Offices

University Library: Upgrade library procedures, equipment and personnel as mandated by CHED and accrediting agency.

Records and Admission: Upgrading of student records and information system

Central Laboratory: Acquisition and upgrading of laboratory materials and equipment

Student Services: Generate scholarships for poor but deserving students

Distance Education: Innovative and responsive delivery of educational services

Office of the Director of Instruction & Quality Assurance: Accreditation of the different curricular programs up to Level III

Vision, Goals and Objectives