VP for Administration & Finance


In support of the University’s strategic plans, the Office of the Vice President for Administration provides services that are essential in the delivery of instruction, research, extension and public mission of the University.

It provides a high level of customer service that are responsive to the needs of the community and continuously strives to make the best of financial and human resources available, adding value to it, and reflecting its best practices. Specifically, it assists the Office of the President in the allocation of funds for administrative and academic operations, and exercise budgetary control to ascertain that actual expenditures are in accordance with the authorized appropriations and allotment. It also provides for the effective business management of auxiliary services and income generating projects of the University to augment its operation. Lastly, it also guides the development and implementation of policies, procedures and strategies in support for the vision and mission of the University.

Vision, Goals and Objectives


  • Providing quality standard for financial, physical and human resources
  • Enable the institution to successfully fulfill its financial and human resource responsibilities
  • Addressing constituent’s need in a timely and effective manner
  • Partner in advancing the mission and vision of the University


 Goals and Objectives 

  • Customer Service: Continuously improve the service provided to faculty, staff, students and external constituents.
  • Technology: Seek the greatest advantage in the application of technology
  • Human Resources and Infrastructure: Maintain a quality workforce and work environment.
  • Administrative & Financial Accountability: Strengthen fiscal controls