VP for Medical & Allied Sciences





Vision, Goals and Objectives






  1. Coordinates with the Vice-President for Administration regarding financial and other administrative matters.
  2. Coordinates with the Vice-President for Academic Affairs regarding instructional programs of the Allied Sciences Unit
  3. Coordinates with the Vice –President for Research and Development regarding research and extension programs of the Allied sciences Unit.
  4. Supervises the Dean of the Colleges of Medicine and Nursing, University Hospital Director and the Physician-IN-Charge of the University Health Services and the other heads of units which maybe created in the future.
  5. Recommends to the President for confirmation by the Board of Regents the appointment of faculty and staff members to the Allied and Sciences Unit after proper selection by a screening committee 
  6. Consolidates the Faculty and Staff Development plans and programs submitted by the units and forward these to the President and/or Board and Regents.
  7. Advices and gives assistance concerning medical education and medical care delivery provided to the President, Vice Presidents, Dean, Directors, Faculty and Staff of the allied sciences system
  8. Jointly administers with the cognate University-wide officer, allied sciences department, legislative and community relations, risk management and news and information services./p>
  9. Cooperates with the medical Center Director, the Dean of the College of Medicine and the College of Nursing in the development of multidisciplinary approaches to the training of health professional and administrators, education and encourage the development of collaborative high quality patient services at reasonable cost at the University Medical Center.
  10. Submits operating and Capital budgets, allocation of assign space and long range planning for medical programs.
  11. Directs and coordinates through subordinate managers, the planning and delivery of medical services in the University Medical Center and their associated clinics.
  12. Advices the President and the other university official on all medical-related / allied health sciences activities of the University
  13. Negotiates, executes and maintains extramural affiliation agreement involving medical affairs/health sciences and medical Center management contract.
  14. Act as adviser to the president on all matters relating to the College of Medicine, College of Nursing, University Clinic and University’s Medical Center and their associated clinics.
  15. Performs other functions that maybe delegated by the President or the Board of Regents