Office of the University President




WVSU in the Frontline of Social Transformation:
An Institutional Blueprint for Educational Quality and Excellence

By: Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr.
University President, WVSU



            Education in the 21st century witnessed amazing breakthroughs in educational paradigm and strategies. The advent of technological and scientific advancement ushered the “Age of Information” which fostered globalization of education. It is characterized by rapid information flow, new strategies in the learning and sharing of expertise and resources among the teachers and learners worldwide.

            In response to these rapid changes, the Commission on Higher Education formulated the Roadmap for Public Higher Education Reform. Such reform intends to improve efficiency, upgrade quality and enhance access to higher education. To do these, the CHED Roadmap articulated programs for rationalization of SUCs, programs and resources; strengthen Quality Assurance; upgrade faculty qualification; upgrade leading SUCs to international standards; modernize developing SUCs and strengthen Student Financial Assistance Program.

Against this backdrop, WVSU as the lead university in Western Visayas is at the frontline of these educational changes, technological breakthroughs and social reforms. From being a secondary normal school at the start of the century, it became the Iloilo Normal School (INS) in 1924. In 1965, it became the West Visayas State College (WVSC) through R.A. 4189. In 1986, it was converted into the West Visayas State University (WVSU) by virtue of P.D. 2019 with satellite campuses and later acquired a hospital now known as the WVSU Medical Center.

The growth of WVSU as an academic institution is an account of academic leadership in instruction, research, extension program and resource generation.  With the expansion of its operation, it also enjoys the prestige of numerous achievements as a testimony to the quality of education it provides.

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