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MTAP Iloilo Gears Forward for K-12, Elects new Officers

“We are in a historic educational milestone. And so we wish to rally around this new K-12 curriculum so we can help our fellow Ilonggo educators to ensure math literacy in the region.”

This was said by Dr. Herman Lagon, a graduate of West Visayas State University and newly elected president of the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines-Iloilo Chapter (MTAP-IC), Inc. in reaction to the government’s plan to extend the basic education program from 10 years into 13 years in the proposed K-12 curriculum.

“Our advocacy is simply math literacy. Hence, MTAP-IC has been consistently offering seminars, conventions, and trainings for math teachers in both basic and tertiary education in Region 6 for nearly five years already. Although a tough benchmark, we will try to keep this tradition and design venues, partnerships, and projects to cope with the demands of the K-12.”

Dr. Lagon, subject area coordinator of Ateneo de Iloilo and a WVSU graduate of PhD in Science Education with Specialization in Mathematics program, was elected president of MTAP-IC, Inc. for 2013. He succeeded Dr. Alona Belarga, director of quality assurance and instruction of West Visayas State University (WVSU). Dr. Belarga, also a product of WVSU, was president since 2009, and is now one of the organization’s advisers, while Dr. Lagon was her vice president in 2012.

Also voted for office are Prof. Jonathan Glorial (WVSU), vice president, Dr. Rosemarie Galvez (University of San Agustin), secretary, Mr. Kim Jay Encio (Paref-Westbridge), assistant secretary, Prof. Rhodora Cartagena (USA), treasurer, Prof. Maria Cecelia Amparado (USA), assistant treasurer, and Prof. Lindley Kent Faina (University of the Philippines in the Visayas).

The other members of this year’s Board of Trustees (BOT) are Dr. Alex Facinabao (USA), Dr. Harold Cartagena (Iloilo City Community Colleges), Engr. Ramon Jardiniano (Western Institute of Technology), Mr. Mario Bañavo (Iloilo City National High School), Mr. Matthew Lasap (Ateneo), Mr. Roberto Sagge, Jr. (Iloilo National High School), Mr. Stephen Raymund Jinon (Paref-Westbridge), and Prof. Alexander Balsomo (WVSU).

Essentially, all but Prof. Faina and Engr. Jardiniano are products of the math program of WVSU colleges of education and arts and sciences. Two are LET topnotchers, two graduated summa cum laude, and seven were DOST-SEI scholars. Aside from Belarga, the other advisers of MTAP-IC, Inc. are Mrs. Ligaya Montelijao, DepEd Iloilo City Supervisor for Math, Ms. Hermosisima Altillero, DepEd Iloilo Supervisor for Math-Secondary, and Dr Kim Arceña, DepEd Iloilo Math Supervisor for Math-Elementary.

The said election was held January 20 at the Grand Tower Hotel immediately after the outgoing officers had turned over the resources of the organization to the incoming members of the Board of Trustees.

“We thank the outgoing officers for their unselfish commitment and dedication to the vision and mission of the organization,” said Lagon, adding, “I am relieved though that the new set of officers are equally inspired and competent enough to face the challenges ahead of us. Perhaps this is what WVSU education is all about— dedication, commitment, service, brotherhood, and competence.”

As part of our first BOT meeting, the new MTAP-IC officers have already set their year-long, K-12-inspired action plan which includes the conduct of the Regional Math Investigation Seminar-Workshop this summer headed by Mr. Encio and Mr. Lasap, Regional Math Camp for Teachers in July under Mr. Bañavo and Mr. Sagge, the Regional Inter-Tertiary Quiz Bee Competition chaired by Mr. Jinon and Mr. Faina, and the Regional Convention this October to be spearheaded by Prof Glorial and Dr. Cartagena.

The new MTAP BOT also reaffirmed its commitment to publish the first-ever MTAP Reviewer for Grade Six Pupils with Dr. Galvez as Head Editor, and the first edition of the MTAP Research Journal this year with Dr. Wilhelm Cerbo (WVSU), outgoing member of the BOT, as the Head Editor. The publication of the fourth issue of The Infinity, the official tabloid-newsletter of the organization, is also slated for distribution sometime September this year with Dr. Galvez as the new editor in chief.

“We will also try to coordinate with different organizations like the C&E Bookshop, Uygongco Foundation, Panorama Printing Inc., West Visayas State University, Department of Education, and the Commission on Higher Education, among others, to partner with us on the abovementioned initiatives and for other possible advocacies that may be conceptualized along the way for the benefit of math education in the region.”

Since its rebirth on 2009, the MTAP-IC, Inc. has already listed about 2000 members not just from the city and province of Iloilo, but also from other provinces of Western Visayas. It currently maintains an email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), blogsite (mtapiloilo.blogspot.com), and Facebook (MTAP-Iloilo Chapter) accounts to ensure faster communication with its members and benefactors./The Infinity


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