Goals and Objectives

The primary mission of the Finance Division is to serve and support the academic, research, and public service functions of the University and the various other support functions (e.g., academic support, student services, institutional support, and physical plant operations) of the University. In providing this support, we must:

  1. provide high-quality responsive support services and communications in a courteous, cheerful, and friendly manner to all of our faculty, staff and student customers;
  2. make each visit to our offices by our faculty, staff, and student customers a hassle-free experience; and
  3. find better and more efficient ways to provide support services to our faculty, staff, and student customers.

Generally, the Finance Division has the following responsibilities:

  • Develops, coordinates, and maintains an integrated system of financial support services, including accounting and management of financial reporting,
  • Exercises effective control over the financial resources of the University,
  • Coordinates and synthesizes financial and management data to interpret the composite financial results of operations for all levels of the University,
  • Advises on the development, coordination, and compliance with fiscal policies, procedures, and plans,
  • Analyzes, evaluates, and reports on program accomplishments in financial terms

Advises and assists top management by providing financial management information as required to make managerial decisions, and establish organizational goals and objectives


The Financial Division, headed by the Chief Administrative Officer, oversees the Budget Office, Accounting Office, Cashier's Office, and Supply Office /BAC. Reporting to the Vice President for Administration and Finance, these units are responsible for financial management, planning and control, financial accountability and establishment and maintenance of quality financial systems.

Financial Planning and Control includes the preparation of the budget, monitoring and control of allotment and expenditures, long range financial planning and forecasting

Financial Accountability involves the preparation of financial and management reports to account for financial transactions of the University.
Establishment and Maintenance of Quality Financial Systems requires the development, operation and maintenance of accounts and internal control systems to control spending, safeguard assets comply with government rules and regulations and provide management information while ensuring compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and government financial laws.



Mrs. Jasmin L. Vargas
Chief Administrative Officer - Finance
Tel: (033) 320-0870 to 78 loc 1120
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