West Visayas State University

Campus Physical Planning Office



The Campus Physical Planning Office has an overall responsibility and authority for facilities planning and management to ascertain that changes and improvement are in conformity with the general plans and vision of the University and at the same time maintain and improve the utilization of space.

Mission and Objective

The Campus Physical Planning Office functions are to design, construct, maintain and operate the physical facilities of the University. The number one objective of the unit is to provide and maintain facilities that will enhance and support the mission and academic goals of the University. Our approach is centered upon providing a superior level of customer service.

  •       To prioritize infrastructure program and physical needs of various units;
  •       To implement  MDP related projects, major and various repair projects;
  •       To provide infrastructure plans for future growth and expansion of the campus.

Vision Statement

We are facilities professionals dedicated to operation and maintenance of the campus physical plant. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service to all our customers, whether they are students, faculty or staff.

  •       To provide support in the realization of the University’s vision;
  •       To provide facilities conducive to learning and a better and more efficient working environment.

Organization Structure

The unit is one of the several units that falls under the Office of the President. The unit operates with a Director of University Planning and Development and three division supervisors namely Management Information System, Monitoring and Evaluation and Campus Physical Planning Office. The makeup and composition of each supervisors area is as listed below:

1.  Management Information System

2.  Monitoring and Evaluation

3.  Campus Physical Planning

3.1. Structural Engineer

3.2. Civil Engineer

3.3. Architect

3.4. Electrical Engineer

3.5. Sanitary Engineer/Master Plumber

3.6. Mechanical Engineer

3.7. Occupational Safety Officer


Minimum Required Education and Experience

Education Degree in Building Science, Architecture, Four-year college degree Engineering, or related field.

Experience in building and/or space planning and design.

Knowledge of property, facilities and space management planning; knowledge of national/local regulatory requirements. 


Campus Physical Planning Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities


Recognize the land, building and space needs of academic units, formulate physical plans to meet these needs and unify the plans into a comprehensive master plan to guide the physical development of the campus and outlying properties. 


1.    Develops and maintains comprehensive physical planning and review process for property, infrastructure, buildings and space which serves to guide and facilitate the changing requirements of the institutional academic plan.

2.    Develops facilities program during pre-design phase for all capital projects.

3.    Develops and maintains comprehensive physical planning data base which includes inventory of property, infrastructure, buildings and space.

4.    Develops and maintains comprehensive campus master plan which serves to align the learning environment with the institutional academic plan.

5.    Provides an overview and supervision of the construction and renovation projects categorize into:

i.        New Construction

ii.        Major Repair

iii.        Various Repair

iv.        Land and Land Improvement


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