West Visayas State University

College of Arts and Sciences

Historical Background

May 4, 1965 marked the establishment of the College of Arts and Sciences (then the School of Arts and Sciences) under Republic Act no. 4189, which converted the Iloilo Normal School into West Visayas State College. The first Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences was Dr. Ma. Celia R. Palma.

The Liberal Arts curriculum was opened in 1970, offering courses leading to majors in English and Social Sciences. The original Liberal Arts offered courses leading to major in English and minor in Social Science. Course offerings were later expanded to prepare students for teaching in secondary schools and in college with majors in English, Home Economics, Physical Education, and Filipino. The courses leading to teaching were gradually phased out, however.

In 1975, the pre-medical A.B. major in Science curriculum was opened to prepare students for entrance to medical school. Resolution No. 9, series 1981, passed by the Board of Trustees on February 27, 1981, authorized the revision of the curriculum to include courses leading to a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Biological Science, Physical Science and Mass Communications.

On January 27, 1986, the West Visayas State College was converted to West Visayas State University with the passage of Presidential Decree 2019. In 1988, Dr. Ma. Celia R. Palma retired, leaving the deanship of the College to Dr. Alberto J. Trinidad. During his term, the Board of Regents (BOR) authorized the offering of BS in Mass Communications (with majors in Broadcasting, Journalism, and Development Communication) and AB Political Science on April 8, 1991 under BOR Resolution no. 35, series of 1991. After three years, the Department of Mass Communications was converted into an independent degree-granting academic unit and was separated from the College.

Goals of the College

  1. Offer curricular programs responsive to the needs of the community consistent with provincial, regional, national, and South East Asian thrusts.
  2. Produce graduates with a broad liberal education and professional competence in their fields of Specialization: English, Mathematics, Political Science, and Biological  Sciences.
  3. Equip students with skills in critical thinking and research, nurture desirable values and attitudes, foster appreciation of our cultural heritage, and demonstrate the ability and readiness to face and join the highly competitive world of work.
  4. Provide opportunities and incentives for he faculty and students to conduct relevant researches, incubate new technologies that will contribute to the body of knowledge, and enhance entrepreneurial and production skills that improve the quality of life.
  5. Share human and material resources of the College and the University in community extension programs and projects.



Bachelor of Arts in English

Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in English is designed to meet the demand in the tertiary teaching profession and in business and industry, both in government and non-government agencies and institutions.


Bachelor of Arts in English aims primarily to fully equip its graduates with the necessary communication skills in English needed in globally competitive jobs in language and literature teaching, the call center industry, medical transcription, research and those that require excellent communication skills.

Specifically, this undergraduate degree program aims:

  1. To provide students with broad liberal education and experiences in the English Language and Literature for them to communicate effectively and develop appreciation of varied literary genres;
  2. To develop among students a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to service as highly competitive professionals in the field of language and literature; and
  3. To equip students with necessary skills for competence in the English language leading to career opportunities in English language research and English language teaching in the academe and English language training in business and industry like law, journalism, broadcast communication, foreign service, publishing, editing, and advertising.

Course Offered

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Admission Requirements

Applicants to the various degree programs offered at the College of Arts and Sciences are screened based on their high school scholastic records, present scholastic aptitude, character and acceptance of the mission statement, policies, procedures, rules, and regulations of the college.

Graduates of accredited high schools may apply as freshmen in the West Visayas State University, College of Arts and Sciences Office.  An application fee and testing fee are paid at the cashier’s office.  These fees are not refundable should the applicant fail to qualify for admission.  The applicants must meet the following requirements for admission: 

  • Pass the College Aptitude Test for the specific degree program.
  • Pass the personal interview with the AS Committee on Admissions
  • Pass the medical examination by the university physician.
  • Have a general rating of at least 80% in high school
  • Certificate of good moral character signed by the principal of the high school attended.
  • Submit two copies of 2x2 ID pictures.
  • Duly signed Parent/Student Commitment Form to abide by the rules and regulations of the college and the university

Applicants shall not be denied admission to the college by reason of age, sex, religious beliefs, affiliations or economic status.


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