West Visayas State University

College of Education

Admission Requirements

For BSEd, BEEd, and BSpEd

                Graduates of general and vocational secondary schools recognized by the Department of Education may be admitted to the undergraduate programs of the College, provided that they meet the following requirements:

  1. Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 85%
  2. Passing the WVSU College Admission Test (CAT) and the  Standardized  Aptitude Test for Teachers  (SATT) or its equivalent
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character and Integrity signed by the principal of the secondary school graduated from
  4. Passing the personal interview conducted by the College Admission Committee
  5. Passing the physical examination and submission of a Medical Certificate duly accomplished by the University Physician (This examination, scheduled in May is accomplished after the personal interview and before enrolment.)
  6. BPS Form or Report Card

Note: Admission of students will be based on a quota system.




Bachelor in Elementary Education

The Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) curriculum is a four-year course designed to prepare students for practice in primary schools.  The program aims to equip them with a wide range of knowledge as well as theoretical and methodological skills that will enhance their flexibility in designing and implementing learning environments suited to their pupils' learning, once students are in the teaching service.


•  To equip prospective elementary education teachers with basic knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values essential to the child's development;

•  To conduct research and do extension works in relevant ares in education; and

•  To offer services, building linkages, and sharing expertise and facilities with other educational entities in attaining the goals of quality basic education.

Bachelor in Secondary Education

The Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) program is designed to equip the students in the pre-service with the basic and specialized knowledge and skills to be globally competent and effective facilitators of learning in the secondary schools.


•  To produce competent teachers and effective facilitators of learning for Mathematics, Filipino, English, Social Studies and Science;

•  To initiate and undertake researches relevant in secondary teacher education and allied fields by collaborating with local and international government organizations, non-government organizations, and educational and research institutions; and

• To develop quality instructional materials that help enhance the teaching-learning process.


Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision of the College of Education

The College of Education shall maintain its reputation as the "Center of Excellence for Teacher Education" in the country, specifically in the areas of elementary, secondary, special, early childhood, adult and community education. It shall provide leadership in instruction, research, and extension among teacher education institutions in the country.

Mission of the College of Education

To produce graduates in tertiary and advanced education who are dynamic, world-class and globally-competitive; possess socially acceptable values, attitudes and skills; and practice the ethics for service and for the profession.

Goals of the College of Education

  1. To provide instruction through a responsive and relevant curriculum in the undergraduate and graduate degrees/certificate programs that will produce effective administrators and mentors in educational learning institutions and agencies
  2. To initiate and utilize state-of-the-art research for regional and national development
  3. To develop and use the best educational practices to maintain the culture of Excellence for teacher education

Historical Background

The College of Education of the West Visayas State University is as old as the University itself. It started out as a branch of the Philippine Normal School 1902. Originally founded to be a teacher-training institution, it was then named the Iloilo Normal School.

Because of the support it got from the provincial government, it operated primarily as a provincial high school and was called the Iloilo Normal Institute. It had three departments: the normal, preparatory and commercial. In 1924, the teacher-training department became independent as the Iloilo Normal School . By virtue of Republic Act 4189, the school became West Visayas State College in 1965. Before and after this transition, departments and colleges were also set up. Finally, it became a University in 1986 through Presidential Decree 2019.


Course Offered

  • Ph. D. in Education
  • Doctor of Education
  • Ph. D. in Science Education
  • Doctor of Mathematics/Science Education
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Graduate Diploma in Special Education
  • Bachelor in Elementary Education (General Education, Early Childhood Education)
  • Bachelor in Secondary Education (Filipino, English, Mathematics, Physics, Physical Science, Biology, Social Studies)
  • Bachelor in Special Education (Teaching the Gifted, Teaching the Mentally Retarded, Teaching the Hearing Impaired)
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • Diploma in Teaching

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