West Visayas State University

College of Medicine

The Curriculum

Responding to the challenges of medical education, the College of Medicine embarked on a new strategy, the Problem Based    Learning approach. This is an innovative approach in which students tackle problems in small groups under the supervision of a tutor. Once presented with a problem, the student is expected to undergo the following processes: hypothesis generation, inquiry, data analysis and decision-making. By observing a scientific process of reasoning, the student will learn in context and integrate the subject matter around professionally relevant problems. Being student-centered, this self-directed learning strategy aims to:


Schedule of Fees

First to Third Year Levels ‚Äď per semester
1. Filipino Students
Tuition Fee --------------- PhP 14,000.00
Matriculation Fee --------------- 150
Library Fee --------------- 1,500.00
Medical/Dental --------------- 100
Athletics --------------- 150
Cultural --------------- 150
SDF --------------- 1,500.00
AV --------------- 500
Departmental Fee --------------- 500
Science Lab --------------- 1,500.00
Entrance Fee (1st Year only) --------------- 50.00
ID --------------- 80.00
Tree Planting --------------- 75.00
Red Cross --------------- 15.00
Journal Fee --------------- 150.00


PhP 20,420.00
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Admission Policies

The Committee on Admissions

The Committee on Admissions has the authority to determine the criteria for selection and to recommend who from among the   applicants are qualified for admission. The College selects applicants based on intellectual and personal preparedness irrespective of    gender, religious belief and political affiliation. It reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant whose admission is deemed inimical to the best interest of the College and the University.



The instruction, research and extension activities of the College are given help and support by the medical library. Housed in the second floor of the Roxas Hall, the air-conditioned library has 100 seats. The library holdings consist of books, periodicals, bound periodicals, non book materials (guides, manuals, handbooks, c.) vertical files, audio-visual materials which include slides, VHS, CD-ROM, and MEDLINE Database.The books are classified and catalogued with the use of Dewey Decimal Classification.Periodicals and vertical files are indexed through MESH (Medical Subject Headings). The library has internet connections, computers, printers and scanner. Students, faculty, alumni, resident physicians, researchers from other colleges in the University and researchers from other colleges and universities in the City can avail of the  facilities during this schedule:

Vision, Mission & Objective


A community of physicians

· Socially accountable, enlightened and professionally competent
· Committed to deliver primary health care with compassion
· Dedicated towards continuing medical education,research and extension and
· Devoted to serve the health needs of the Filipino people
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