West Visayas State University

College of PESCAR


Graduates of accredited high schools may apply at the Admission and Records Office and pay the testing fee at the Cashier’s Office. The applicants must meet the following requirements for admission to the College.

For Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Music Education


    1. must have completed secondary education
    2. pass the WVSU-CAT
    3. pass the motor performance achievement and playing/dancing ability test(BPE). In the case of the Bachelor of Music Education, they should pass the music proficiency test.
    4. pass the personal interview by the College of PESCAR Committee on Admission.
    5. pass  the Physical Education Aptitude Test (PEAT).
    6. pass a medical examination and must submit to the College a health certificate issued by the University Physician.
    7. submit Form 138 or report card
    8. submit a certificate of good moral character signed by the principal of the secondary school from which they graduated.
    9. submit a 2x2 identical I.D. picture (8 copies).
    10. show an aptitude for sports, dance, athletics, and music.


The College offers two undergraduate degree programs (Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Music Education) and three diploma/certificate programs (Diploma in Physical Education, Diploma in Muic, and Certificate in Sports Coaching and Officiating Proficiency).

Bachelor Of Physical Education (BPE)

The Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) is a four-year degree course, which prepares the student to become a specialist in the areas of sports, dance, recreation, and physical fitness. This program also trains the students to be proficient in teaching physical education, sports coaching and officiating, and in administering, conducting and supervising sports, dance, and recreational programs. The graduates of this curriculum will also be able to teach music as well as health education in both the elementary and secondary levels.



 The College of Physical Education, Sports, Culture, Arts and Recreation (PESCAR) started as the Sports, Amateur Athletics, and Cultural Arts Center (SAACAC) in 1987, with Dr. Ramon C. Cabag as its first office head.

 Initially, the Center was entrusted with servicing physical education classes of the University and supervising and administering the organization, training, and participation of the University athletes in the then newly-formed State Colleges and Universities Amateur Athletic Association (SCUAAA) of which West Visayas State University is a member school. To meet the growing nature of the Center’s commitment to both the University and some external agencies, the SAACAC was rechristined PESCAR. Now embracing the performing arts, PESCAR had for its new director, Dr. Henry J. Andora, and an office venue in one of the receiving rooms at the WVSU Cultural Center.


Course Offered

* Master of Physical Education
* Bachelor of Music Education 
* Bachelor of Physical Education 
* Diploma in Music
* Diploma in Physical Education

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