West Visayas State University

Janiuay Campus

Mission and Vision


Campus Vision:                         A premier healthcare and technology-driven higher education institution.

Campus Mission:                      To produce globally competitive, competent, and value-laden graduates in healthcare, technology and teacher-education

                                                       through  appropriate instruction, research, extension and production services for general welfare.




Looking at the institution as it is today, we cannot help but look back to the past- how it has become what it is now.

Through the effort of Hon. Tiburcio A. Lutero, congressman, 3rd District of Iloilo, the institution was born as Janiuay High School on July 5, 1946.  Classes were temporarily held at the public market while classrooms and buildings were under construction.

By virtue of Republic 2411, with Congressman Domitilo G. Abordo, on July 1, 1960, Janiuay High School was then converted to Janiuay Vocational High School (JVHS) and again through the effort of Congresswoman Gloria M. Tabiana, Janiuay Vocational High School was changed to Janiuay National Comprehensive High School.

On June 22, 1990, by virtue of Republic Act 6667, the Janiuay National Comprehensive High School was changed to Don Tiburcio A. Lutero National Comprehensive High School and on January 1, 1996 by virtue of Republic Act No. 7974, DTALNCHS was converted into Janiuay Polytechnic College through the effort of Congressman Licurgo M. Tirador.  The college started its operation on June, 1995 offering Education courses and Two-Year -Technology programs and in June, 1996 Two-Year Certificate in Computer Programming and Secretarial was offered in consortium with Palmares Computer College.

In a just a short period of time, the West Visayas State University- Janiuay Campus (WVSU-JC) has carved a name as an institution which can compete both on the local and national level in terms of quality and responsive tertiary education.


As a public entity supported by public funds, the West Visayas State university strives to implement educational programs supportive of the goals of the country as embodied in the Constitution of the republic of the Philippines.

It shall inculcate patriotism and nationalism: foster appreciation of the roles of the national heroes in the historical development of the country; teach the rights and duties of citizenship; strengthen ethical and spiritual values, develop moral character and personal discipline; encourage critical and creative thinking; broaden scientific and technological knowledge; and promote vocational efficiency.
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