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The enactment of Republic Act 8292, also known as the Higher Education Modernization Act of 1997, authorized SUCs to use its income from tuition fees, other school charges, and generate income and become self-sufficient, as a response to the national government’s move withdrawing the capital outlay (CO) and to gradually withdraw its maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE).The Commission on Audit (COA) then issued Circular No. 2000-02 to provide accounting guidelines and procedures in the use of income of SUCs pursuant to RA 8292.

Ultimately, SUCs are to operate as a corporate entity, optimally managing their fiscal resources, maximize income and operate efficiently at least possible cost without sacrificing its ability to provide quality education and attaining its goals and objectives.

Historical Background

  • 1991  -   WVSU invested PhP200,000.00 as seed money to operate its agri-based income generating projects for rice, coffee, broiler, vegetables and  banana production, and for the seedling bank with the approval of DBM based on National Budget Circular No. 331 and 331-A dated November 27, 1980 and December 23, 1982, respectively, to retain as Revolving Fund the income from agricultural operations using Fund Code 161. The agri-based projects were all located at the College of Agriculture and Forestry campus in Lambunao, Iloilo.
  • 1997  -  The enactment of Republic Act 8292, otherwise known as the Higher   Education Modernization Act that authorized SUCs to use income from tuition fees and necessary school charges, as well as those generated from the operation of auxiliary services. The enactment of this law has challenged WVSU to generate more income and become self-sufficient as a response to the national government’s move withdrawal of capital outlay to gradually withdraw its subsidy for maintenance and other operating expenses.
  • 2000  -  WVSU initially established four (4) income generating projects (IGPs)  to augment its income and become self-sufficient. These pioneering IGPs were the Dormitory, Language Center, Hometel and the Statistical Data Processing Center.
  • 2001  -  The IGPs grew to nine (9) with the addition of the Audio Visual Center, Cultural Center, Drop-In Center, Printing Press, and the Review Center.
  • 2002  -  The Center for Professional Development and Continuing Education   (CPDCE) was established as an additional IGP of the University.
  • 2003  -   With the new organizational chart of the University approved by the   Board of Regents (BOR), the Drop-In Center, Language Center, and the CPDCE were no longer considered as IGPs. Both the Language Center and the CPDE became part of the extension projects of the university under the Office of Extension while the Drop-In Center was under the Gender and Development Office.
            -  In order to have a comprehensive guide for the operation and administration of IGPs both for agricultural and auxiliary operations, a Manual of Operation for the University Resource Generation Program (URGP) was approved by the BOR in November 17, 2003.
  • 2004  -  URGP was implemented. The Bookstore started its operation in April under the management of the University Printing Press.
  • 2006 -   The Language Center was re-integrated to the URGP in May.


            To contribute to the realization of the vision of the West Visayas State University as a model for strengthened entrepreneurship among SUCs


•Serve as avenue of development in the countryside through the creation of quality products and delivery of first rate services to its clientele.
•Serve as training ground to students relative to course specifications.
•Create linkages for employment to graduates through development of their entrepreneurial skills.
•Train staff, managers and directors to accelerate their entrepreneurial facility through seminars, workshops and exposures.

URGP Organizational Chart



As defined in the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of RA 8292, auxiliary services include all kinds of services done and/or rendered by chartered SUCs other than academic, such as cafeteria, janitorial, printing press, bookstore and the like. Existing Auxiliary Services offered in the University includes:

The CENTER FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGES provides services to serve the language needs of the local, regional, national and international communities especially those of the ASEAN and the Pacific Island countries in English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Filipino and Hiligaynon.

Click here to check the Center's schedules and fees.

WVSU Center for Foreign Languages

The UNIVERSITY REVIEW AND DATA PROCESSING CENTER conducts and oversees all existing review groups for the University, work closely with academic units whose academic programs requires licensure and similar examinations among graduates. Also, provides services in the processing and analysis of statistical data in the undergraduate and graduate students, faculty of the University, as well as outside clients; consultancy services on appropriate statistical tools to use in the processing and analysis of data and in interpreting results., encourage sharing of resources and expertise among academic units and set the scheme to be employed in the preparation for the conduct of the reviews.

University Review & Data Processing Center

The HOMETEL & CAFETERIA is open to the general public. Experience a homely atmosphere accommodation that meets the standards of the hospitality industry.

University HOMETEL & Cafeteria

The UNIVERSITY PUBLISHING HOUSE AND BOOKSTORE (UPHB) produces quality forms, instructional materials and publications of the university, Medical Center, external campuses and external clientele. The University Bookstore as the Marketing Department of the UPH takes charge of the marketing and distribution of printed instructional materials for the university and outside clients.

Services offered includes the following: Offset, Letterpress, ID Lamination, Bookbinding, Flyer, Leaflet, Brochure, Pamphlet, Bookmark, Greetings and Invitation card, ID Card, Newsletter, Tabloid, Magazines, Yearbook, Souvenir Program, Raffle tickets, Journals, Textbook, Posters, etc.

University Publishing House and Bookstore

The UNIVERSITY STAFF HOUSE is open for lodging to clients who have transactions  in Metro Manila particularly for WVSU employees and their immediate family members, students and employees of other SUC’s in Region 6.

WVSU Staff House


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