West Visayas State University

Distance Education


Requirements for New Applicants:

  1. Passing the qualifying test and interview
  2. 2 photocopies of Transcript of Records
  3. Honorable dismissal
  4. 4 pcs. 1 x 1 ID pictures
  5. Marriage contract, if married
  6. Birth certificate (photocopy)
  7. 2 pcs. Long folders
An alternative mode of teaching delivery courses all year round. Open to non-education graduates who want to become teachers but could not avail the residential program.


Diploma in Teaching

  • an accrediting program for prospective teachers in the basic education.
  • Graduates of degrees other than education can enroll for them to take the licensure exams for teachers.
  • Admission requirements include satisfactory GPA from a reputable school, marriage contract, honorable dismissal
  • Can be an 18-unit accrediting program or the Diploma program that will include a semester Student Teaching.

Master in School Management

  • Graduate program for prospective school administrators
  • Could be non-thesis and with thesis
  • Admission requirements include satisfactory GPA from a reputable school, marriage contract (for married woman), honorable dismissal

MS Agriculture. MS Forestry and Ph.D. Agriculture

  • Graduate programs of College of Agriculture
  • Admission is done in the regular graduate program but the mode of delivery is in distance scheme


Distance education is defined as the offering of educational programs designed to facilitate a learning strategy which does not depend on day-to-day contact teaching but makes best use of potential of students to study on their own. It provides interactive study material and decentralized learning facilities where students can seek academic and other forms of educational assistance when they need it (Daniels, JS, 1996. Mega-Universities and Knowledge Media, Technology, Strategies for Higher Education. London: Kogan Page).

Distance Education in WVSU

Why spend a lot of your time in school when you can earn a degree in the cozy place of your home or office? 

The Office of the University Distance Education Program (UDEP) of West Visayas State University (WVSU) is offering programs that suit to the lifestyle of an individual who can not be regularly present in attending classroom meetings.  Dr. Ramon C. Cabag, Director of  the University Distance Education bares that at present, programs being offered are  the Diploma in Teaching and Master in School Management in collaboration with the College of Education and Ph.D. in Agriculture under the College of Agriculture and Forestry. 


Course Offered

Courses offered in all semesters provided with minimum 10 students per course. 

COURSE                                                                                Units
The Teaching Profession                                              3*
Facilitating Learning/ Child 3*
Adolescent Development* Principles of Teaching 3*
Assessment of Learning 3*
Educational Technology 3*
Developmental Reading  3*
Field Study  6*
Student Teaching              6*
Total 30

* Ph.D. in Agriculture
* Master in School Management
* Master of Science in Agriculture
* Master of Science in Forestry
* Diploma in Teaching
* Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program
* University Mobility in the Asia and Pacific

How much does the program cost?            

The training fee is Php 4, 500.00 per semester   for maximum of 8 units. Modules for each course will be paid by the students at cost.

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