West Visayas State University

Alumni Affair Office


General Functions

  • Manages alumni programs
  • Coordinates programs and activities of various alumni association chapters in order that their services may strengthen and promote the general welfare of the university.
  • Acts as a clearing house for all matters pertaining to alumni affairs.
  • Serves a s liaison between the university and the various alumni association chapters, local and foreign
  • Represents the alumni association in administrative meetings and other decision-making activities of the university.


The first association a graduate joins upon graduation from an academic or training program is the institution’s alumni association. Membership in the association offers the graduate an excellent opportunity for continued bonding with the parent institution.
 In turn, the parent institution keeps its members updated with professional accomplishments and developments in the institution as well as with the professional accomplishments. The indispensable link that connects the graduate to the parent institution is the Office of the Alumni Affairs.

The Office of Alumni Affairs acts as the conduit for donations, (in cash or in kind), scholarship programs, and academic-related endeavors of the alumni. Likewise, through the Association President as member of the Board of Regents, the voice of the alumni is heard in certain policy formulations of the University.

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