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The Gender and Development office is open from Mondays to Fridays. Everyone is welcome to come to the office for counseling, research and other services related to the program. The office is manned by a staff and the Drop-In by qualified caregivers.



Gender and development is a development perspective that recognizes the legitimacy of gender equality as fundamental value that should be reflected in development choices. Such perspective involves the process of reading for new and innovative initiatives which help transform unequal gender relations into opportunities which equally/equitably to both men and women. It questions society’s social, economic and political structures and the validity of the gender roles they ascribe to women and men. It contends that women are active agents of development and not just passive recipients of development assistance. It also stresses the need for women to organize themselves and participate in political processes to strengthen their legal rights.

The Gender and Development Office was established to mainstream gender into the three functions of the university, develop sensitivity among faculty, personnel, staff and students to promote gender equality. At present, the GAD program is fully established in the main campus and for the four external campuses of the university. The Drop-In Center, is the child-minding center catering to the play-school needs of children of faculty and staff is the service program of Gender and Development.
Historical Background

The first budget call for Gender & Development as provided for in the GAA was issued in 1995 by then President FVR. At WVSU, the Committee on Women was organized the same year. In October that year, WVSU was involved in a nationwide research on “ Sexual Harassment in the Campus.

With the installation of Dr. Lourdes C. Arañador as the University President in 2000, the GAD Desk was established in 2001 temporarily housed at the PSWF building. A Coordinator was designated to handle the GAD program of the university.

The Gend

er And Development Program of West Visayas State University was formally put in place in SY 2001-2002, to carry out gender mainstreaming in the areas of instruction, research, extension and production. This consequently led to the creation of the Gender And Development Office in June 2002.

The first Orientation-Workshop on Gender and Development was conducted by the GAD Office in September 2002. This was attended by GAD Coordinators and Budget Officers of the main campus and the four external campuses namely: WVSU- Calinog, Janiuay, Lambunao and Pototan campuses. 

Topics discussed included the GAD budget, preparation of the GAD plan, GAD programs, projects and activities.

The University Drop-In Center established in SY 2002 as a child-minding center was officially attached to the Gender And Development Program in March 2003. The Center attends to the children (ages 3-5) of faculty, staff and alumni at a minimal cost. The Center’s operation is funded by the GAD Budget.

In September 2003, the university was able to come up with The Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines. This guideline was submitted to the Civil Service Commission Region VI office.

At present, the Gender and Development program has expanded to include the four external campuses of the university handled by the assigned GAD Coordinators.


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