West Visayas State University



General Function
Conducts researches, programs and projects for the development and intellectualization of Filipino Language.

Specific Functions

1. Conducts researches and studies on the languages and literature of Region VI in order to develop, propagate, preserve and enrich the Filipino Language;

2. Prepare textbooks, references, journals, magazines and other instructional materials in the teaching of Filipino in all levels of education;

3. Train different local and national government heads and personnel/officials in the use of Filipino as an official medium of communication and correspondence as provided for in the Executive Order 335 s, 1998;

4. Upgrade and help enhance teaching effectiveness and skills in the use of Filipino among teachers, instructors, professors and heads of the WVSU and other school, colleges and universities, public and private, throughout the region;

5. Help in a speedy and effective implementation of the Bilingual Education Program (DECS Memo No. 52s, 1987) in Region VI and in other schools, colleges, universities, private and public in coordination with DECS, CHED, TESDA, and other private and government agencies.

Programs and Activities

1. Launch regional contests in Filipino poetry, essay and short stories.          

2. Conducts regional and national conferences, trainings, seminar-workshop for the development and propagation of Filipino Language and enhance or upgrade teaching skills of Filipino teachers.

3. Develop instructional materials, textbooks, reference books in Filipino for use in the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels of education.

4. Conduct researchers related to the development, standardization and intellectualization of Filipino as a national language.

5. Undertake translation into Filipino of literary works written in Hiligaynon, English and Spanish.

6.      Publish researchers, essay, poetry, short stories, and the like in the PSWF VI – Journal (SINAG) from different writers in other colleges and universities in Region VI.



The PSWF VI – WVSU was established on December 4, 1996 by the virtue of a Memorandum of Agreement signed between Dr. Ponciano B.P. Pineda, Commission Chairman IV of the Commission on Filipino Language and Dr. Bernabe B. Cocjin President, West Visayas State University.

The Commission on Filipino Language as provided for in the 1987 Constitution and Republic Act No. 7104 created the Regional Center for Filipino Language in the different regions of the country which primarily aims for the development and propagation of the Filipino Language and other regional languages.

The head of the Center, the Director, is designated by the President of the West Visayas State University, with a term of three years subject to reappointment for another 3 years.  An Associate Director and a faculty staff member assist the Director.

The commission on Filipino Language designates a Coordinator, a personnel from the Commission, for every center whose task is to coordinate programs and activities conducted and undertaken by the PSWF.


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