West Visayas State University

University Planning & Development Office


The Planning Process

The University Planning and Development Office has an oversight responsibility for the various components of the university's planning process which is composed of the Administrative Council as members. A central focus of the campus-wide planning process is to provide opportunities for input and comment by all members of the university community.  Efforts are made to facilitate the sharing of planning information both within and across units and to identify opportunities for collaborative efforts between organizational units. The approval process is designed to insure that the university is making every effort to respond to all of the anticipated opportunities and challenges that are projected to be in the University’s future.

An important component of planning is the assessment of process, program and service outcomes. Data collection and analysis are extremely important in this process and in defining projected societal needs and modifying organizational priorities.

Efforts are constantly made to streamline and improve all university processes including planning. Through formal assessment techniques and by listening to participants in the planning process, efforts are made to eliminate duplication, combine activities, reduce waste, and provide appropriate training.

University planning addresses the challenge of charting the university’s future through a standardized process that links assessment to decision-making and resource allocation. It is expected that assessment results will have a direct impact on plans at all levels. Through the cyclical nature of the process, strategic and operational planning activities are linked to produce a union of strategy development, budgeting, and outcomes analysis. At every step in the planning process the campus community is provided with opportunities for input and review.



Continued growth in size, programs, and services, coupled with an expanded role in the region and international communities, requires the West Visayas State University to constantly review its role in higher education and service to the community. Although the university’s academic programs in the professional areas of education, medicine, agriculture, health, technology and management remain the cornerstone of its mission, WVSU realizes that every educational institution has a responsibility to support and further the good of the greater community through research and extension.
To be fully responsive to its mission and to the challenges of a rapidly changing environment, the university has committed itself to a comprehensive planning and performance improvement process. Through this process, the university searches for innovative ways to meet the increasing demand for quality programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, to expand its continuing educational offerings to meet the needs of a changing society, and to build upon the opportunities that both expertise and geographic location provide for teaching, research, and extension activities. With increased demand comes the challenge of providing the infrastructure needed to prepare students and the greater community.


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