International Research Conference for Globalization and Sustainability

August 14-16, 2012, Sarabia Manor Hotel, Iloilo City Philippines


Submitted by: Ditas L. Ligue Email:
University/Organization: West Visayas State University Location: La Paz, Iloilo City, Philippines

This article is a photo essay of Pag-ulikid Program for Child-Youth Development (PROCYD) and College of Education-Unified Extension Program’s (COE-UEP) journey with GK SIBOL Day Care Center located at GK Uswag-Smart Amazing Village, Iloilo, as it is rated outstanding by DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development).

GKBI@WVSU is a momentous journey for us “Taga-West” because the College of Education (COE) traversed the path of paradigm shift and convergence by embracing the GK way: “LESS FOR SELF, MORE FOR OTHERS ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE.” It is spurred by the GKBI@WVSU’s mission of creating a generation of heroes with loving minds and intelligent hearts. Thus, COE committed to GK’s Child-Youth Development which thereby provided the rationale for the PROCYD extension program. The College of Education went one level higher in January 2011, as it converged and synergized all its existing extension programs into the College of Education-Unified Extension Program (COE-UEP) to serve Gawad Kalinga Villages.

Embracing the GK way meant being a good steward – making what we have grow. Being accountable, striving for excellence, producing World Class quality, sharing the best of what we have are the actions of GK good stewards. It also means embracing GK’s world view about poverty: “The poor are not poor because they are lazy. The poor are poor because they lack the opportunities that most of the rich have: the opportunity of education, employment, business, shelter, and food access.”

Keywords: Gawad Kalinga, extension program, stewardship, loving minds, intelligent hearts, poverty

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