International Research Conference for Globalization and Sustainability

August 14-16, 2012, Sarabia Manor Hotel, Iloilo City Philippines

Science Education Curriculum in Japan and in the Philippines: A Comparative Study

Submitted by: Ruby TuvillaLlave Email:
University/Organization: Calinog National Comprehensive High School Location: Calinog, Iloilo

The purpose of the study was to explore and compare the Japan and Philippines Secondary Science Education Curriculum. As the Philippines is trying to keep pace with the demands of highly advanced countries and to become globally competitive, the bottom line would always be education. As Japan is always on that track, it is but logical to study its science education curriculum. Library resources in Japan, interviews with the Professors and Dean of the Faculty of Education, and observation of Science Classes were done to compare it with that of the Philippines. Results show that there was not much difference between curricula, however, learning methods employed were different. While Science Education in the Philippines focusedon acquiring knowledge, Japan gave emphasis on the topics on environment offering it as separate subject. Also in Japan, teachers are trained every year and are required to develop instructional aids and do research on classroom situations, while teachers in the Philippines who were trained failed to implement what they have been trained. Japan has more equipped science laboratories and multi-media to aid instructions and the government took a great part as provider of schools. Recommendations to focus on acquisition of instructional materials, teacher trainings and intensive implementation of educational programs, and active involvement of the government as a counterpart of the Department of Education in providing the needs of the schools be applied in the Philippines.

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