Featured Books: July 2017

featured book 11.Environment Security and Tourism Development

Ajay Chauhan

Environment, Security and Development of Tourism has been the serious concern of every municipality , local governing bodies, regional and central governments, but tourism as a whole takes a lot of insight and resources to develop. There are geniuses continuously worrying over the tourism development projects, and devising various interesting means and ways to develop tourism in their areas. This book tries to delve deep into various features of environment, security and tourism development. This book is useful for every tour operator, manager, developer and planner. It is hoped that this book would be very useful to tourism development authorities, hoteliers, tour operators and other persons associated with tourism industry. Contents: Environment, Tourism and Communities: An Introduction; Developments and Challenges in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry; Managing Environment and Sustainable Tourism Development; Hotel and Restaurant Law; Security Perspectives; Safety and Security in the Travel Law; Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in the Tourism Sector; Security Valuation of Environmental Externalities.


featured book 22.The Essential Guide to Protecting Your Virtualized Systems

Dave Shacklefold

Securing virtual environments is not the same as securing physical environments – the stakes are higher and the process is more complicated. With different architectural models, new attack vectors, and new security controls to implement and tune, virtualization dramatically changes the security playing field.

Discover the best practices for securing your virtualized systems with this detailed guide. Author Dave Shacklefold is well-known security agent who brings you up to speed on the technologies and strategies you should know and shows you how to properly secure virtual environments.

This essential guide includes:

  • A thorough overview of virtualization security – actual and theoretical threats.
  • Step by step processes for securing the three leading hypervisors – VMware vSphere™ and ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V® and Citrix XenServer®.
  • Smart ways to design virtual networks to be more secure from the outset.
  • Effective strategies for integrating new virtual network layers into existing physical infrastructure
  • Securing virtual machines (VMs) especially against VM-focused attacks.
  • Proper logging and auditing management for virtual environments.
  • Managing change and configuration with new policies and processes that take into consideration virtualization security.
  • Tips and tricks for improving disaster recovery and business continuity.

Leveraging Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for security, as well as considerations for securing for Storage Virtualization and Application Virtualization.


3. Good Governance : Delivering Corruption-free Public Services n

N. Bhaskara Rao

Based on the findings of large-scale field surveys, Good Governance provides a primary review of trends in corruption, as encountered by citizens when availing of public services, and offers insightful suggestions on ways to implement good governance.

Given the adverse effects of corruption on society, economy, citizenship and civic life, the author illuminates upon a comprehensive understanding of the linkages involved in corruption processes and operations, and provides a strategic approach to curb this menace together with a methodology for ensuring graft-free delivery of public services.
Not delineating corruption from the fabric of daily life, the discussion centres around a broad framework on how to go about addressing corruption from different perspectives-how the government should tackle it, what initiatives citizens and civil society should take and how the news media could explore a proactive and contributing role. In fact, the book says that the media is capable of covering corruption with a direct objective of curbing it. Thus, the fight against corruption has to be strategic, focused and multipronged.
Good Governance talks about the pertinent problem of creating sustained public pressure for change, the emphasis being on the proactive need for change.