Library Personnel

Mrs. Nora P. Rose
University Librarian
Ms. Elra Di M. Madalogdog
Head, Technical Services
Mrs. Luisa S. Esposado
In-charge of the Circulation Section
Mrs. Manuela R. Losañes
Head, PublicHead, Readers’ Services, Graduate School Librarian Services
Mrs. Leony M. Erispe
Library Secretary
Mrs. Helen M. Cañizares
Head, Medical Library
Ms. Fatima A. Banhaw
ILS Library In-Charge
Mrs. Japhett N. Ortiz
Cataloguer, Technical Section
Mr. Chriatian S. Estante
Audio Visual Custodian Administrative aide VI
Ms. Ma. Reden N. Montaño
Librarian, Medical Library
Ms. Jenifer S. Molomolo
In-charge of the Serials Collection, Undergraduate Thesis Collection, Disability Resource Library & General Reference Section
Manly Mark R. Rafil
Audio Visual Computer Technician