Featured Books: August 2017


111. Title: New Words for Increasing Vocabulary

Author: Sequeira, W

Languages also evolve like everything else hence as time goes by a lot of new words get added to every language. It dictionaries are not updated at the same pace then one would not be able to find the meanings of the new words that have come into use. If you hear or read a new word but do not understand its meaning, you neither know what has been said, nor can you add taht word to our vocabulary. This book, is in a simple sense is a dictionary of new words, in an elaborate sense however it contains meanings, explanations and examples explaining the usage of these words. Updating your vocabulary is very simple with the help of this book. This will help you keep up with the times and communicate with an improved and updated vocabulary. Like its counterpart, Good Words for Improving Your Vocabulary-another book in this series, this book too will help you in bridging the gap of changes which have taken place in the English Language from time to time and provide a formal attire to your written, and spoken English. Written in a simple format this book is a must for children and adults alike. Go ahead! Skim through the book and see for yourself.



2. Title: The Greatest Secret in the World

Author: Og Mandino

What is ‘the greatest secret in the world’? You won’t discover it, although it’s spelled out for you, unless you give yourself completely to this book and let its message change your life…for the better.





333. Title: Tala Mundi

Author: Tita Lacambra-Ayala, Ricardo M. de Ungria

Tala Mundi presents over half a century’s worth of

Tita  Ayala’s poetic productions. The poems are divided into five suites: the short poems, the experimental, the lyrics, the long poems, and her love poetry. From them one gets asense of a vivid mind at work—and at play—rendering a new shine on common or ordinary realities.