PESCAR Faculty Seize Honors in 1st Folk Dance Accreditation

The Committee of PFDTAP composed of board members of the organization is steep in following the procedure of the primer in assessing and eventually granting the certificate of accreditation for the applicants. The details of the program that was first published and disseminated in 2009 was launched in Legazpi, Albay in 2011. This year’s National Folk Dance Workshop in Dapitan 2016 commenced the first batch of applicants with much hope to produce better and best teachers of folk dance in the country. True to its objectives, the program shall promote quality assurance among stakeholders of folk dance in terms of producing better folk dance teachers who shall undergo the accreditation program.
The following are the qualification requirements of the applicant seeking accreditation as folk dance teacher: 1) lifetime member of the Philippine folk Dance Society, whose membership has not expired as mandated in Article III, Section I (a) of the PFDS Constitution; 2)a regular member for at least 3 (three) consecutive years prior to the accreditation; and, any of the following requirements: Physical education teacher who has been teaching folk dance in schools, colleges or universities; Folk dance instructor/trainer who has been training folk dance group(s) in any organization, institution, or community-based group.
Prof. Ma. Nenitte T. Bajador , Prof. Eva Rose G. Malones, Prof. Weena M. Paclibar and  Prof. Ryan L. Puljanan, faculty from the College of PESCAR, also attended the simultaneous conduct of the National Folk Dance Workshop
Folk dance mirrors the culture, traditions, and customs of the people. It is also oftentimes considered the soul of a country. As such, folk dance should be taught in the most effective way to preserve its nuances and traditions. Only an effective and proficient teacher can do the task. The SAMAHANG TAGAPAGTAGUYOD NG MGA KATUTUBONG SAYAW NG PILIPINAS (a.k.a. Philippine Folk Dance society) sees the need for qualified folk dance teachers and educators in the field. The Philippine Folk Dance Teacher Accreditation Program (PFDTAP) is an initial attempt towards addressing this problem, and meeting the concerns of dance education in the country. The Samahang Tagapagtaguyod ng mga Katutubong Sayaw ng Pilipinas (STKSP) also known as Philippine folk Dance Society (PFDS) is a non-profit, non-government organization founded in 1949 by the late Mrs. Francisca Reyes Aquino, the first National Artist in Dance.


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