Mr. Julius B. Undar has been confirmed as the new Chief Administrative Officer of the West Visayas State University Administration Division. The appointment occurred on July 17, 2017 at the guest lounge of the Center for International Linkages and Public Information (CILPI). Present during this momentous affair was WVSU President Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr., VP for Administration and Finance Dr. Bobby D. Gerardo, VP for Research Training and Extension Dr. Ma. Lulu L. Loyola, Director of the University Planning and Development Office (UPDO) Dr. Wilhelm Cerbo, Director for Instruction and Quality Assurance Dr. Alona M. Belarga, WVSU Faculty Association President Dr. Ma. Elfleda R. Ecube, University Non-Teaching Personnel organization (UNPO) President Mr. Hector Caro, Human Resource and Management Office (HRMO) Supervising Administrative Officer Mr. Agustin Cabahug, and University Registrar Ms. Mardy A. Ledesma.

“I am thankful that the WVSU Management believes in me and in what I can do for the university.  I am here because my peers and colleagues mostly in the non-teaching organization supported me all the way”, beamed Mr. Undar. “I am grateful that before this appointment, I was already exposed to the responsibilities because I was OIC Chief for two years. That position allowed me to learn the ropes of the job and soaked me in the responsibilities that lay ahead.”

Mr. Undar prides himself for being a diligent worker who started from the ranks. “It was in 1995 when I was hired by WVSU as a parttime instructor at the College of Arts and Sciences Social Science Department. By 1998 I became a permanent faculty”. Administrative work appeared to be more interesting for this Banate native that in 2009 he became the Supervising Administrative Officer of the WVSU Supply Office. He further extended his services and was later selected as the Vice Chairperson of the Bids and Awards Committee as well as the head of the BAC Secretariat.

Happily married and the father of three, Mr. Undar considers WVSU as his second family. He believes that for the Administrative Division to perform excellently and harmoniously, he and his team shall be RAPIDR stands for Responsive. That means being able to react quickly within the agreed timetable when implementing projects. is for accountability which involves taking responsibility for our own actions and being able to explain them if something goes wrong. P stands for professionalism. As a public servant, being professional means being compliant with the existing government rules and regulations which we are expected to abide in the performance of our duties. is integrity. That means doing the right thing by clinging to one’s moral uprightness. Lastly, D stands for dependable.  Being dependable means you can be counted on and tasks are seen through to completion.” Furthermore, he also believes in transformative leadership wherein passion and energy is put into work, and where the leader takes every opportunity to instil commitment to his people while revisiting the organization’s goals and vision.”A transformational leader cares about his employees and wants them to succeed”, concluded Mr. Undar.

As the Chief Administrative Officer of the university’s Administration Division, Mr. Undar heads the Records Office, General Services Office, Supply and Procurement Office, Human Resource and Management Office and the Campus Security Office. He reports directly to the office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

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