May 4, 1965 marked the establishment of the College of Arts and Sciences (then the School of Arts and Sciences) under Republic Act no. 4189, which converted the Iloilo Normal School into West Visayas State College. The first Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences was Dr. Ma. Celia R. Palma.

The Liberal Arts curriculum was opened in 1970, offering courses leading to majors in English and Social Sciences. The original Liberal Arts offered courses leading to major in English and minor in Social Science. Course offerings were later expanded to prepare students for teaching in secondary schools and in college with majors in English, Home Economics, Physical Education, and Filipino.

The courses leading to teaching were gradually phased out, however.

In 1975, the pre-medical A.B. major in Science curriculum was opened to prepare students for entrance to medical school. Resolution No. 9, series 1981, passed by the Board of Trustees on February 27, 1981, authorized the revision of the curriculum to include courses leading to a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Biological Science, Physical Science and Mass Communications.

On January 27, 1986, the West Visayas State College was converted to West Visayas State University with the passage of Presidential Decree 2019. In 1988, Dr. Ma. Celia R. Palma retired, leaving the deanship of the College to Dr. Alberto J. Trinidad. During his term, the Board of Regents (BOR) authorized the offering of BS in Mass Communications (with majors in Broadcasting, Journalism, and Development Communication) and AB Political Science on April 8, 1991 under BOR Resolution no. 35, series of 1991. After three years, the Department of Mass Communications was converted into an independent degree-granting academic unit and was separated from the College.

In June 1994, Dr. Eda C. Ticao became the third Dean of the College. During her term, the extension project of the English Department, which offered short-term language courses was recognized by the University and the WVSU Language Center was born.

In answer to growing demands for entrepreneurship and management of cooperatives, the Board of Regents under Resolution No. 38, series of 1997, authorized the opening of Bachelor in Cooperatives Management (BCM) on May 13, 1997.

The Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Research (BSSR), was opened in AY 2000-2001, and in AY 2006-2007, the Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics program was opened.

 Dr. Pablo E. Subong, Jr. became the OIC-Dean in November 1999 when Dr. Ticao assumed the position of OIC-VP for Academic Affairs of WVSU. Dr. Subong became the fourth Dean of the College in July 2000. When Dr. Subong assumed the post of VP for Administration in December 2001, his Associate Dean, Prof. Harlan C. Dureza became OIC-Dean until 2002 when the college underwent and passed the First Level Resurvey Visit of Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP) in 2001-2002.

In April 2002, Atty. Gerardo C. Erebaren, Ed. D., was designated as the fifth Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences with Dr. Concepcion D. Famatid as Associate Dean.

The following year, in November, 2003, the new Dean, Dr. Merna G. Rico Lopez, former Chair of the English Department and former Director of the WVSU Language Center, was installed in a fitting ceremony as the sixth Dean of the college with Prof. Anita Estela M. Monroy as her Associate Dean.

The verticalization scheme attaching the CAS Graduate School to the college was approved by the Administrative Council and by the Board of Regents in Resolution No. 31, series of 2004. The programs approved were MA (English), MA (Mathematics), MA (Social Science), MA (Chemistry), MA (Physics), MA (Biology), and Ph. D. in Social Science. CHED Scholars were accepted in MA (Physics), MA (Chemistry) and MA (Biology).

In June 2006, proposed curricular revisions in the undergraduate programs, namely: BS Biology with specialization in Microbiology, AB Political Science and AB English were approved by the Board of Regents in Resolution No. 22, s. 2006.

The latest program added to the list of offerings of the College of Arts and Sciences are Master in Public Governance (MPG) and Certificate in Public Governance (CPG). The MPG program opened in the First Semester, AY 2007-2008. Its first students included scholars from the Iloilo City Government Office and the Cabatuan Mayor’s Office.

In December 2007, the BOR approved the revision in the MA English curriculum to MA (English and Literature) as contained in BOR Resolution No. 147. The Certificate in Gender, Sexuality & Reproductive Health programs proposed by Dr. Nancy Surmieda, Director of Gender and Development Office, was approved by the BOR (Res. No. 148-2007) and implemented starting Summer, 2008.

As per BOR Resolution No. 76-2006, Dr. Merna G. Rico Lopez was designated as Dean of the College for a second term effective November 17, 2006. Her Associate Deans were Prof. Heide A. Pama and then later Dr. Teofilo R. Rabanes. During her second term, the three programs of the College of Arts and Sciences, namely, BS Biological Sciences, AB English, and AB Political Science were awarded Level III Reaccredited Status by AACCUP in January, 2007.

The Department Chairpersons during the incumbency of Dr. Lopez were  Prof. Leilah de la Llana (English); Dr. Editha Sillorequez (Mathematics); Dr. Gerard Penecilla (Biological Science); Prof. Grace Manajero (Physical Science); Prof. Ma. Elfleda Ecube (Social Science); and Prof. Corazon Arenga (Filipino).

In 2nd Semester, AY 2007-2008, the department chairpersons of the Mathematics and Biological Sciences Departments were Prof. Wilhelm Cerbo and Prof. Celia Magno, respectively, after  Dr. Sillorequez was designated Dean of the College of Education and Dr. Penecilla as the Director of the University Research and Development Center. With the new designation of Dr. Lopez as Director of the Office of Students Services, Dr. Teofilo R. Rabanes was designated as the new Dean and working with him were Dr. Carla B. Torre and Miss Joy T. Hondrade, Associate Dean and College Secretary, respectively.  However, Miss Hondrade left for her doctoral studies, she was replaced by Mr. Alexander J. Balsomo from the Department of Mathematics for the AY 2008-2009.

 Effective 1st Semester of  AY 2008-2009, designations were made to include Dr. Francisca T. Borja as Associate Dean, vice Dr. Carla B. Torre; Prof. Heide A. Pama as College Secretary vice Mr. Alexander J. Balsomo; Prof. Eleonora B. Padilla, Chair of the English Department vice Prof. Leilah D. de la Llana; Prof. Naomi P. Carnaje, Chair of the Physical Science Department vice Prof. Grace A. Manajero; Prof. Diolita N. Lazarito, Chair of the Filipino Department vice Prof. Corazon C. Arenga; Dr. Irene F. Abaygar as College Research Coordinator; Prof. Cynthia L. Morga as College Extension Coordinator vice Dr. Francisca T. Borja;  Prof. Jeanette S. Simpas and Mr. Alexander J. Balsomo as College Guidance Counselors. 

For 1ST Semester of AY 2009-2010, some changes on designations were made to include Mr. Jason C. Cocjin as College Secretary, vice Prof. Heide A. Pama; Prof. Hilda C. Lorilla as College Extension Coordinator, vice Prof. Cynthia L. Morga; and Prof. Ephraim C. Areño as Chair of the Social Science Department  vice Prof. Ma. Elfleda R. Ecube.

For this 1st Semester of AY 2010-2011, new designations were made. Ms. Rosalie Galvez as College Secretary, vice Mr. Jason C. Cocjin, and Prof. Agatha Z. Senina as additional College Guidance Counselor.