The College offers two undergraduate degree programs (Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Music Education) and three diploma/certificate programs (Diploma in Physical Education, Diploma in Muic, and Certificate in Sports Coaching and Officiating Proficiency).

Bachelor Of Physical Education (BPE)

The Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) is a four-year degree course, which prepares the student to become a specialist in the areas of sports, dance, recreation, and physical fitness. This program also trains the students to be proficient in teaching physical education, sports coaching and officiating, and in administering, conducting and supervising sports, dance, and recreational programs. The graduates of this curriculum will also be able to teach music as well as health education in both the elementary and secondary levels.

Diploma in Physical Education (DPE)

The Diploma in Physical Education is intended for bachelor’s degree holders who wish to specialize or major in Physical Education as another area of specialization. The enrollee, has to earn at least sixty-two (62) units in the required course. Those who are not BEED or BSED graduates are required to take professional education courses. Student internship is required.

Bachelor of Music Education (BME)

The Bachelor of Music Education, is a four-year degree course which prepares the student to become specialist in music with minor in Physical Education. The graduates of this course will be able to teach music, health, as well as physical education in the elementary and secondary levels. This course also trains the students to be proficient and skillful in keyboard playing, vocal coaching, choral conducting, as well as organizing ensembles.

Diploma in Music (DM)

The Diploma in Music is intended for bachelor’s degree holders who wish to specialize in music. The enrollee has to earn at least 38 units of music courses. A proficiency test will be given to applicants who have previously taken music courses in order to qualify for enrollment in advance music courses.

Sports Coaching and Officiating Proficiency Certificate

This certificate program is intended for any high school graduate who wishes to acquire skills in sports coaching and officiating. The enrollee has to earn the required number of units in order to be issued a certificate of proficiency. A proficiency test will be given to applicants who have previously taken PE courses for them to enroll in advance PE courses

Master in Physical Education

The Master Physical Education (MPE) graduate program of the College of PESCAR is designed to meet the increasing complexity in education and the ever-growing demand for a wide variety of abilities for leadership needs in physical education.  A significant aspect of the program is its flexibility in meeting individual differences in interest, background, and career objectives of those who seek admission to the program.  This graduate curriculum leads to the degree Master  of Physical .Education (MPE) with specialization in dance or sports.
The program is designed to further develop, enhance, and enrich competencies necessary for teaching in school programs, coaching in athletics, conducting individual exercise program, administration of physical education and/or athletics, and the teaching, conduct and production of dance performances.

The MPE curriculum presupposes a reasonably wide variety of courses that contribute to a desirable balance of intellectual as well as psychomotor interests.  The program aims to provide the graduate student with a thorough understanding and knowledge of the principles, theories, and practices of physical education and a scholarly knowledge of research methods.

This program aims to:

  1. increase the graduate students’ depth of knowledge in the field of physical education as well as in the special fields of sports and dance;
  2. develop and enhance research experiences in one’s field of specialization;
  3. improve the students’ competencies in the various areas of physical education so that they would be able to function effectively as enlightened and cultured citizens of our country; and
  4. prepare them to work in an environment characterized by rapid technological changes in order to meet the fullest development of the students’ potential and sense of social responsibility as Filipinos.

Degree Requirements:

Once qualified to the degree program, a student must:

  1. complete a minimum of twelve (12) units of the foundation courses, twelve (12) units of the specialization  courses, eighteen (18) units of major courses and  six (6) units of the elective courses as specified in the course requirements;
  2. maintain a cumulative weighted average grade of “2.0” or better;
  3. successfully pass a comprehensive written examination; and
  4. successfully pass an oral examination in defense of the completed thesis;submit a master’s thesis based on the supervised research in Physical Education