Article II, Sec. 7 of the 1987 Constitution provides that the state shall give priority to education, science, technology, arts, culture, and sports to foster patriotism and nationalism. Accelerate social progress and promote total human development.
Specifically, Article XIV, Sec. 1 also states that the state shall protect the right of all citizens to quality education to all levels and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all.
The absence of tertiary education in the city caused a temporary resettlement of college students to other municipalities and cities. Because of this, it has been observed that only those who are financially capable can finish college. Another reason is the distance of the municipality or city that offers tertiary education which can be found in Binalbagan or Kabankalan City. This situation resulted to a high rate of out- of – school youth.

The City Mayor, Hon. Carminia G. Bascon, the City Vice Mayor, Hon. Luz R. Bayot and SP Member are aware of this problem, thus, on August 11, 2005, the city mayor requested the chairman of the education committee, Mr. Roslyn Toreta, City Budget Officer Roberto Segovia, City Accountant Efren dela Rosa and the City Treasurer Caroline Castro to attend a meeting with the WVSU officials headed by Dr. Lourdes Arañador and Dr. Henry J. Andora.
Initial plans were discussed during the meeting. This plan was presented to the Board of Regents meeting, but the first attempt was a failure. The proposal was disapproved by the Board of Regents. But the City Mayor did not lose hope and appealed the second time. Again, the city mayor requested Dino Yulo, SP Member Gerardo Gamposilao and Mr. Roslyn Toreta to attend the meeting of the Board of Regent. The appeal was granted. So, the Legislative Body passed a resolution authorizing the mayor to sign the Memorandum of Agreement between the city of Himamaylan and the West Visayas Sta0te University for the establishment of The Himamaylan Campus. Thus, a MOA was signed on April 7 , 2006, between the city of Himamaylan represented by Hon. Carminia G. Bascon and the  West Visayas State University by Dr. Lourdes  Arañador, courses offered are Bachelor of Elementary Education and Bachelor of Secondary Education  major  in English, Physical Education and Mathematics.
S. Y. 2006-2007 marked another milestone in the history of Himamaylan City as the first operation of WVSU- HCE, AT Tesda building in Sara-et, Himamaylan City, and Negros Occidental. The enrolment was 202 students in the first of operation.tghe City Mayor and SP Member approved the budget of Php 1, 053, 288 for the teacher’s salary in this school year. The pioneer who rendered their services in this extension were; Dr. Henry J. Andora was the first Campus Administrator AND Prof. Arturo O. Auñgon as Records Admission Officer, three fulltime contractual teachers: Mrs. Virgie P. Tan –Biology instructor and handled other subjects like English, Prof. Ed., and NSTP; Miss Ineeh Walada - Math instructor and NSTP instructor and Mrs. Salvacion De Asis – PEHM; Filipino and NSTP instructor and six part time teachers: Mr. Bernie Libo-on; Ms. Ma. Cynthia Cobing; Ms. Grace Nicavera, Mr. Jester Padilla       are all principals in the public schools; Mr. Gerry Gamposilao partime teacher of English subject. Mr. Randy Calvo was hired as fulltime staff and partime computer teacher; also Mr. Edward Heinz Salon   was hired as staff and after six months, he was promoted as finance officer.
In the second year of operation S. Y. 2007- 2008 the City Mayor and the Sangguniang  Panglungsod Members approved the budget of Php 2 , 447, 451 as teachers’ salary for s. y. 2007- 2008. The enrolment for this school year: first year 96 students; second year 129 students a total enrolment of 225 students. Due to the increase of the number of sections, additional of three teachers were hired; Mrs.  Marlyn Rivera as English instructor, Mr. Jason Jayobo as MAPEH instructor; Mr. Randy Calvo as Math and Computer  instructor, Miss. Jennilyn Evaristo was hired as in charge of the library and Mr. Joe Tuhao was hired as utility. While Mr. Edawrd Heinz Salon was a part time computer teacher. Mrs. Marlyn Rivera was appointed as Kasanag Adviser, the school paper publication.
Sad to say that Dr. Henry J. Andora left WVSU- HCE and went back to the main campus WVSU-Iloilo City for a personal reason last June 2007. Prof. Arturo O. Auñgon was designated by the Board of Regents as Campus Administrator of WVSU-HCE, starting June, 2007.
Last October, 2007 the President of WVSU in Iloilo City, Dr. Pablo Subong and Vice President for Academic Planning and Development, Dr. Lourdes Morano and Dr. Henry J. Andora, Vice Presi dent for Academic Affairs, WVSU main campus to have a dialogue with the city officials, PTCA, Teachers, Students, with an agenda that the city of Himamaylan would like to appeal for the extension of MOA. The ground breaking of the main building of WVSU- HCE was done same time by February of this school year.
On November 13,  2007, there was a meeting of the city council presided by Vice Mayor Luz R. Bayot for the approval of the resolution requesting the Board of Regents of the West Visayas State U niversity . The resolution was then approved for the extension of the MOA. In the same month, Mayor Carminia G. Bascon, Vice Mayor Luz Bayot, SP Members; Tinto Bascon, Janet Villafranca and Gerry Gamposilao went to Iloilo to meet the Board of Regents of the U    niversity to appeal for the extension of MOA, fortunately the said appeal was granted, and this made everybody happy. The City Mayor, Hon. Carminia Bascon and Vice Mayor Luz R. Bayot with the SP Member approved the allotted amount of php 15,000,000 for the building during their session. The city officials are in full support of the WVSU- HCE.
In the S. Y. 2008- 2009 marked the third year of operation with an enrolment of: first year 54 students, second year 64 students; third year 113 students; the total enrolment was 231 students. Mr. Leo P. Dagum formerly PESCAR Dean from the main campus , was designated as Records Officer and PEHM instructor, while Edward Heinz Salon as cashier at the same time, Mr. Salon became a fulltime computer teacher , Mr. Randy  Calvo was appointed as Extension Coordinator . Due to the increase of enrolment and number of sections three additional teachers were hired, namely:  Mr. Ruel T. Bonganciso, Miss Charito Garmay as English instructor and Miss Ma. Katherine Galve as Filipino instructor and additional part time teacher was Josefina T. Sinaon MAED as Prof. Ed. instructor. Mr. Rudy Tanate was hired as Property Custodian and Mr. Bernard Borja as utility personnel last October 2, 2008. The construction of the main building started same time this third year of operation and was rapidly done, then the eight classroom building was finished with one big hall served as library in the second floor. This is the main building of WVSU- HCE.
S. Y. was the fourth year of operation of WVSU- HCE while the construction of eight classrooms building in Caradio-an was going on. The enrolment of this school year was done in Saraet. The enrolment for first year 99 students; second  year 48 students; third year 59 students; fourth 112 year students; and the total  was 318     students. Due to this increase of enrolment and sections, additional of full time teacher were hired. Thus; Mrs. Josefina T. Sinaon as Prof. Ed and Math instructor; Mrs. Sunsun Carnazo as Chemistry instructor; Ms. Liz  Antonillas as Physics instructor; Miss Medie June Ariston as HELE instructor; Ms. Mary Grace Liwanag and Miss Rothsel Tagacay as English instructor; and Mr. John Rey Java as Social Science instructor . Mr. Henry Sarrosa was hired as office clerk last August, 2009 and now became Registrar of this extension. Mr. Richard Inventor was   hired as carpenter /utility and Ronnie Aurelio as Illustrator / utility at the same month.Mrs. Josefina T. Sinaon was appointed as Student Teaching Coordinator and incharge of Student Interns and Instruction of WSU-HCE. As coordinator of Student Teaching she secured a permit from the Division Superintendent Rizalino Tortosa with MOA   between Deped and CHED to use any school division of Negros Occidental for the practice teaching of the fourth students. The fourth year students were divided into two batches. The first batch was deployed in the first semester and the second batch was deployed in the second semester. With the acceptance of the principal Mr. Ramon Gatanela Himamaylan Central School of Himamaylan City for BEED and Mrs. Silva G. Digal of Binalbagan National High School at Enclaro, Binalbagan , Neg. Occ. for BSED.
This school year, the construction of the main building composed of eight classrooms was finished and inaugurated last August 22, 2009. This is the highlight in the city of Himamaylan for this is one of the big accomplishments of the city council headed by the very energetic supportive and cooperative Mayor Carminia G. Bascon where its dream came true to this WVSU-HCE main building. The inauguration was attented  by; Gov. Isidro P. Zayco, Vice Gov. Emilio Yulo III,  Mayor Carminia Bascon , Vice Mayor Luz Bayot, SP Members, the first  campus administrator Dr. Henry Andora , present campus administrator  Prof. Arturo O. Auñgon, WVSU –HCE  faculty and staff, invited guests from  WVSU- Main Iloilo City, visitors from neighboring schools, PFA officers and students. The prepared give a ways was given to the visitors a remembrance of the inauguration.Gov. Zayco on his message promised that the province of Neg. Occ. will give financial support to WVSU-HCE on its fencing partially. The lunch for the visitors, faculty and staff, city officials was prepared by the City Council during the inauguration in the city hall. The blessing of the building was done by Rev. Smile. On the next day after the inauguration and blessing, the classes was transferred from Saraet to Caradio-an. This year is the last year of MOA for the second time. The City Council and the WVSU officials again sat down to talk about the plight of WVSU in the Himamaylan City. Fortunately another extension of two years was granted by the WVSU Board of Regents to the City Council of Himamaylan City Neg. Occ., this S. Y. 2010-2011.
The administration, faculty and staff, and students were excited for the first Commencement Exercises on March 26, 2010 A. M. at Cong. Agustin M. Gatuslao Memorial Stadium, Himamaylan City. The first Baccalaureate Mass was officiated by Rev. Fr. Rolex Nueva to the graduates solemnly at Our Lady of Snows Parish with the cooperation and support of the Administration, Faculty and Staff, Parents and of course the unending support of the City Officials headed   by Mayor Bascon at 8:00 A. M. after the mass, the graduates with their parents, Faculty and Staff march on to the gym. The 1st Commencement Exercises was attented by the thirty visitors who are WVSU Officials of the main campus in Iloilo City headed  by President  Dr. Pablo E. Subong, Jr. the Commencement Speaker was Vice Gov. Emilio Yulo III  who is now the Board Member of the 5th District. The inspiring message to the graduates was delivered by the very supportive and cooperative Mayor Carminia Bascon who is now theVice Mayor.
The very historical event 1st Commencement Exercises was well prepared through the cooperation and the unity of the Faculty and Staff of WVSU- Himamaylan City Extension headed by the Campus Administrator, Prof. Arturo O. Auñgon.
After the graduation ceremony, the lunch was served in the lobby of the school at Brgy. Caradio-an, Himamaylan Himamaylan City and the food was prepared by the city officials headed by Mayor Bascon. All visitors, City Officials, Administrator, Faculty and Staff were in a hurry to go to WVSU- HCE for lunch. The lunch was very significant symbol of thanksgiving, unity, cooperation, love and harmony among city officials, WVSU Administration, Faculty and Staff.
The first Commencement Exercises of WVSU-HCE marks another milestone in the history of the Himamaylan City when it comes to the academic as evidence there are 9 Magna Cumlaude and  26 Cum laude out of 104 graduates in A.Y. 2009- 2010.
WVSU- Himamaylan City Extension provides quality education in Southern Negros in order to produce globally competitive life- long learners because WSVSU-HCE has quality and professionally competent teaches. Lastly, the WVSU- Family of this extension commits to promote the mission/ vision and goals of the school.
WVSU offered LET review for its graduates .There were fifty students who attend the review and six reviewees came from neighboring schools. The reviewer came from WVSU, Iloilo City who spent their time, effort and knowledge to the students. The review was headed by Prof. Arturo O. Auñgon, Campus Administrator and Mrs. Josefina T. Sinaon was the facilitator of the review. Of the success of the review was with the cooperation of the city officials. The review started June 5, 2010 and ended Sept.18, 2010.The Teachers Board Exam was last Sept. 26, 2010. Fortunately the result of the Board Exam was published last Nov. 17, 2010. It was hallelujah to the WVSU –HCE because the result of the Teachers Board should that WVSU- HCE is one of the performing schools or one of the competitive schools.

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