is a skills training program that caters to the needs of the out-of-school-youths, unemployed, underemployed, housewives, and even professionals who want to develop and enhance their skills in order to improve their lives.

Duration : 54 hours
Classes : Saturday or Sunday
Fee: P 750.00/course
Requirement: 3pcs 1x1 picture

Courses Offered:

1. Basic Cooking – this course with the basic principles, techniques and methods of preparing, cooking and serving various filipino main dishes and desserts for all occasions. ents to the utensils, tools, and equipment to be used as well as the terms and symbols in following the recipe correctly. This will help students develop skills in preparing and serving food for all occasions.

2. Basic Baking – this course introduces the fundamental concepts, skills and the art of baking. Through lectures and demonstration methods, the learners are taught how to bake diffeent kinds of cakes, pastries and other recipes which are cooked using the oven. Learning different designs in icing making are also given emphasis.

3. International Cookery – this course is designed to enrich one's knowledge in food preparation specifically of foreign countries. It emphasizes the characteristics, origin of dishes and its cooking methods. Likewise, learners are taught the importance of ingredients, seasoning condiments used in international cuisines asa well as its flavoring and garnish. Table setting or arrangement is also included in the course.

4. Food Processing & Preservation – The focus of this training is to provide learners the basic skills and techniques in processing and preserving foods. This includes the processing and preservation of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits which are available in the market or in the locality.

5. Basic Dressmaking – this training focuses mainly on the acquisition and development of sewing skills. Specifically, concepts on garments construction such as taking body meseaurements, drafting the pattern, laying out, cutting and unit sewing the garment are included in the fundamental skills.

6. Advanced Dressmaking – this course provides the learners with a working knowledge in dress designing. It includes design interpretations geared the current style of fashion. Emphasis is ont the art of creating and designing fashion gowns and other dresses for all occasions.

7. Beauty Culture – this is a lecture-demo course which covers the fundamental principles and approaches of enhancing the appearance of beauty salon patrons. It includes manicure/pedicure, spa, facial, bleching, simple hair care and hair cutting techniques.

8. Basic Photography – this course deals with the basic principles of taking photographs. It includes familiarization of camera parts and its functions, techniques on how to get indoor and outdoor photo shots and other basic concepts in producing good pictures.

9. Advanced Photography – The course will further equip learners on how to take night shots and manage studio photography. I puts emphasis on taking indoor photo shots using available and artificial light.

10. Practical Landscaping 1 – this course deals with the basic principles of landscaping including sourcing of materials and cost estimate of materials and labor.

11. Practical Landscaping 2 – this course focuses on the actual practicum with exposures to actual landscaping jobs. It includes landscaping accessories such as water gardens, focal points and so on. It further covers types of garden lighting.

12. Practical Landscaping 3 – this course puts stress on pocket and indoor gardens. Also, it gives emphasis on the principles of container gardening and miniature water gardens.

13. General Arc Welding - this training introduces the fundamentals of arc welding. It focuses on welding techniques and different welding safety measures. The actual application of the skills is done through on-the-job training. This course has duration of 72 hours.

14. Practical Arts Craft (includes candle and soap making) - the course provides the participants with the knowledge in making gifts, tokens and give-away products for all occasions. It includes identification of the right materials, tools and equipment to be used.

for more information, please contact:

West Visayas State University
University Extension & Development Center
La Paz, Iloilo City
Phone (033) 508-4411 / 320 -0870 loc. 1309