The College aims to:

  1. equip and enhance prospective physical education and music education teachers with knowledge in content and strategies to enable them to teach in the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels;
  2. enhance and intensify the research capabilities of the students in basic educational research and community projects;
  3. conduct basic researches and extension work in the areas of physical education, sports, dance, music, and recreation, in coordination with the offices of Research and Extension of the University;
  4. provide leadership beyond the school campus in the field of teacher training and sports coaching and officiating, and in dance, music, and recreation;
  5. establish a continued and viable linkage with various international and national governments and non-government agencies, as well as sports, professional associations and performing arts to avail for itself the expertise and assistance of these agencies/companies, which will also serve as venues for students’ educational exposure in order for them to master and hone their skills toward proficiency; and
  6. promote and propagate indigenous culture through immersion, linkage, and cultural exchange programs.