The University Library as the center of knowledge in the West Visayas State University educational milieu is the provider of information both in print and non-print materials in digital/electronic formats to meet the needs of the clientele and the thrusts of the institution. Its activities and services are geared towards the educational innovations and diverse program. The primary purpose of the University Library is to equip the WVSU academic community with the materials needed for current teaching trends and research programs. It should also supply materials to meet the recreational and varied interest needs of its clientele and at the same time serve as a catalyst for their advancement and in the pursuit of quality education that the university offers.

Goals and Objectives

The WVSU Library primarily supports the four-fold functions of th University, namely: instruction, research, extension and production of and access to quality resources and services. It aims to:

  1. provide, manage, and maximize client access to relevant, adequate, effective, quality and value added collections of recorded information and knowledge, in acceptable form, content and format;
  2. provide and maintain standard library services and facilities to access local, national and global information that will address the educational needs of the undergraduate and graduate researchers;
  3. strengthen its operating structure toward an overriding quality of service through implementing programs that address facilities and equipment, staff training, research and development, community partnerships and linkages, collection management, funding, and telecommunication and technology.

Library Users

Anyone who is interested to read books, search for information and knowledge through the library is welcome to use it.

Categories of Users

Regular users – all bonafide students, staff and faculty members of the University
Alumni – graduates of WVSU could still avail of the library resources but for room use only
Extended Users – all bonafide bonafide students, staff and faculty of branch and external campus libraries can avail of the library resources but for room use only
Visitors – those who do not have any relation whsoever to the University. They can come to use the University Library together with a Letter of Introduction from the librarian or head of office where they are enrolled/employed, but are not allowed to check out materials.